"So they then asked if I wanted to help restore balance to the universality of all life. And I was like ‘Will there be grilled cheese?’ And they were all ‘certainly.’ So I was all ‘cool!’"
- Odrsjot ch. 51

Zaid is a member of the Noble Jury, and former member of the Herald cult. He says that he was only in the cult because he was promised grilled cheese. He even admits this despite apparently suffering from IBS.

Since joining the group, he has been the laid-back commentator, peanut gallery, occasional mentor to Kera, and sometimes (ironically) a voice of reason in the party, as well as the occasional punching bag for the rest of the crew. He has been romantically involved with Props ever since Durandana.

When Floydien was knocked unconscious in Stratopolis, Zaid was forced to step up to pilot the Noble Jury on his own, a task which seemingly came natural to him. Since then, Zaid has served as the ship's pilot for several missions in Val Roa.

After the Battle of Val Roa, Zaid leaves for Grey Smoke to live with his marefriend Props, despite her uncle's disapproval.