“The Ancient Kingdom of Zadubadabu!” Pilate tilted his head about from where he sat in the Noble Jury’s navigation room. “I beg your pardon?” “That’s where my Uncle Prowse went!” Props hopped up and down in place. “Wooohoo! Yeah! Go Uncle!”
- Odrsjot, "This Is Pure Filler"

No one knows who or what Zadubadabu really is. The Secret Cabal of Zadubadabu was mentioned sarcastically by Rainbow Dash[1], but it has not appeared since. It is speculated that the Secret Cabal and the Eljun Bureau are one and the same.

According to Props[2], Zadubadabu was an "old, old kingdom where the streets were made of silver and the foundation fashioned out of pure manacrystal". She believes her uncle Prowse to be there.

It turns out that the legends of Zadubadabu were actually inspired by Stratopolis and potentially more of the Sentinels.

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