Xona is a country to the east of Ledomare.  Its unicorn inhabitants, called Xonans, have distinctive tattoos from foalhood. Society is divided into three castes. The ruler of Xona at the time of the stories is Princess Buch Tania Lasairfion. The native interpretation of the word "Xonans" is "Blessed ones", because they are the children of those blessed by the goddess Nagu'n.


The ponies who would become Xonans first came from the southen seas. The first king of Xona, Burrowhoof, united the commoners, warriors, and aristocracy into a single consolidated empire.

Rulership Edit

Normally rotates between three royal dynasties of Cecilen, Jaatso and Tania, and is off limits to mares, but Buch Tania Lasairfion took the throne out of turn.

Births/castes Edit

Xonans have three different castes, called First Born, Second Born and Third Born. The highest-ranking First Born have their own language, understood to the lower ones but only permitted to be spoken by the higher.

The top caste is barred from certain types of work, as seen for example in the Princess's translator, who gave up her higher "birth" in order to be permitted to translate for outsiders.

Caste can be downgraded as a punishment, individually or as a result of one's family's dishonour ("getting killed while being civilians" being a particularly frowned-upon crime, it seems from Dalen's case).

Kera is told by Dalen that she is Third Born.

Language Edit

See Xonan (Language)

Names Edit

Xonan names have three parts. Which name is used for short may vary among ponies: (Evv Sater) Dalen, (Dizzaaz Manathen) Arcshod, (Kim Janzen) Zytharros and (Buch Tania) Lasairfion all use the third of their names, while Kera (Tin Mehjj) uses her first name. However, this may be a result of Kera growing up mostly away from her Xonan origins and using the third name may be the norm.

From Lasairfion's example, the second part of the name appears to be the family or dynasty name (the royal house of Tania, in her case).

Tattoos Edit

Xonans receive their first tattoos during foalhood and have more added later in response to life events.

Sacred Hold Edit

A big mountain. It moves.

Religion and use of chaos magic Edit

Xonans worship a goddess called Nagu'n. In their language, Nagu'n is also referred to as "Xon" or "Xon Nagu'n", similar to how we would use "my Lord". Xonan summoners are able to use chaos strips to summon ghostly serpents in battle. Both these are found to be connected (spoilers follow).

At some point during or following her rise to power, Princess Lasairfion introduced a "false Nagu'n" in the form of Nevlamas, the Dragon Divine of Magic, now corrupted by chaos and determined to destroy the world to see it created anew. Nevlamas is enclosed in the bottom of the Sacred Hold, seemingly with her consent. The chaos strips are harvested directly from growths in her skin, which in turn are formed when Nevlamas gorges herself on pony sacrifices - a process that makes even Roarke blanch.

Several Xonans are seen to be dissatisfied with Lasairfion's rule and to know that this "Nagu'n" is a fake, but the majority of Xona is loyal to her (their?) leadership.

Nevlamas produces an auditory effect referred to as a 'song', which affects Zetta more than most.

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