“Now that I realize that you aren't a threat, now that I realize that you aren't a danger to my subjects, I humbly ask that you tell me what indeed you are. And why would such a pony so wonderfully brave, so beautifully enigmatic, be the one soul in all the world so desperate to flirt with destruction?”
- Austraeoh, "Whitemane"

Queen Whitemane is the half-Alicorn ruler of the kingdom of Emeraldine. Residing in the capital city of Verdestone, she rules over a nigh-idyllic society very similar to Equestria in many respects. While she takes on the appearance of an alicorn, having wings and horns both, she reveals that she is not descended from pure blood like Princesses Celestia or Luna. Regardless, her power is still considerable, and she provides moral and arcane support for Rainbow Dash during the early portions of her journey, giving her a temporary protective shield, is the first to recognize Rainbow Dash as the Austraeoh, and projecting herself as a guide for Bellesmith during her sequencing in Eljunbyro. She has the ability to enter others' minds and dreams, and this is how she first presented herself to Rainbow Dash.

She tells Belle in a vision that she "...delivered [Rainbow] to one of the Divines.  And the Divine delivered her to you,"[1] implying that she intentionally lured Rainbow Dash towards Axan in order to help the Spark complete her journey.

When Rainbow Dash enters the Machine Tower near the end of Yaerfaerda, she experiences a vision which she is once again talking with Whitemane in her quarters. However, this was not Whitemane's doing, but another as of yet unknown entity appearing in her form "to instill confidence".

She is the daughter of Onyxxus and Sun Sheen. She has an older sister named Mortuana.

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