“She wields sorcery that is older than anything I've ever witnessed. It allows her to take forms... to see into the constructs of matter and energy. It's part of how she's able to manipulate temperature and the elements. All of these things she uses to her advantage—not to dominate the world, but to preserve herself... as well as her control over the Six Tribes.”
- Yaerfaerda, Chapter 152

Verlax "Queen of Frost" is an ancient dragon, one of the Five Divines. She is also known as Verlaxion to the inhabitants of Rohbredden. She is a master of deception and duplicity, often manipulating and orchestrating events from afar.

Her physical form is that of a pony, and Mortuana remarks that she has lost herself for so long she may be unable to return to being a dragon.[1] She commands an army of windigoes as well as "projections of her spirit" commonly called Frost Vessels.

History Edit

Verlax was hatched, like her sisters, in an ancient time shortly after the Sundering. When the Alicorns arrived, she remained ambivalent to them, seeking isolation like her sister Axan. However, a long time after Endrax departed for the dark side of the world, Verlax decided to follow her. She roamed the blighted lands for years, searching for meaning in the universe. Eventually, by flying nearly into outer space, she realized the necessary balance of chaos and harmony, and the cyclical nature of cosmic events, and has taken it upon herself to carry on Endrax's purpose of finding the spark which will set the world in motion once again.[2]

Less than 30,000 years ago, she appeared in the land now known as Rohbredden. At that time, the six predominant races of that land were engaged in a civil war. During the war, however, a mysterious blizzard caused by windigoes began to encroach from the ocean and threaten all the inhabitants of the land with starvation. Shortly after, the "Queen Verlaxion" appeared, teaching harmony, and uniting the six races into what became the Six Tribes of Rohbredden.[3]

Since then, she has kept herself aloof and mysterious, never appearing personally to her subjects, but ruling silently from a throne in the central mountains of Rohbredden. She has devoted much of her effort towards orchestrating "tests" for the true Austraeoh to challenge. These tests are embodied in the Six Seeds scattered throughout the land.

After being captured, Chrysalis speaks of her cunning and devious nature, and how she set herself up to be a savior to six island tribes east of the grand choke. She was able to detect Chrysalis and her changeling brood very easily.

Influence Edit

The name "Verlaxion" brings deep reverence from most of the inhabitants of Rohbredden itself, as she is regarded as a benevolent ruler who protects all the land and bestows gifts on those who are worthy. However, the meaning of "Verlaxion's Will" is often unclear and associated with a sort of semi-random providence.

In the Nealend Atoll, a gigantic piece of never-melting ice - a "shard of Verlaxion" - was placed under the water for unknown reasons. This is the same shard which changed Ultimo's behavior after he got a piece of it in his jaws. It is implied that Verlax was able to somehow control Ultimo through this shard.

She has been waiting for the Austraeoh for centuries, and has prepared a series of trials in order to guide the destiny for the bearer of the flame. It is strongly implied that the very existence of the Grand Choke is one of these trials, as well as Ultimo, the Syndicate, and everything else.[4]
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