"Our gusts will follow her from now until Windlessness," Jerrio said. He looked up, his eyes moist above a proud smile. "So promise the foals of the Valkyrie forever....from First-Born to Last"
- Urohringr, "From First Light to Last"

The Valkyrie is an object of religious worship by the inhabitants of Durandana. A long time ago, "...she and her fellow warriors gave their lives to protect the Gold Lights and all the realms beyond."[1] She is in fact one and the same as the Commander Hurricane known to Rainbow Dash. Before Duranda and her team were separated from Stratopolis, the Commander gave her a golden helmet to which some of her main hairs still clung to. When the helmet was brought into the Machine Layer beneath Durandana, this caused the nearby machinery to react and glow gold, which over the course of hundreds of years led to the mystical "Gold Lights" and the deification of Commander Hurricane in general.

Durandanans in the First-born caste will dye their manes red, yellow, and blue in her honor.

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