Val Roa is a land east of Alafreo, on the far side of the Frozen Sea, and the last continent before the Grand Choke. It is described as "...a lush and beautiful countryside" in "...the very center of one of the Shattered Continents".

Description Edit

In Urohringr ch. 106, Prowse describes Val Roa as "...a monarchy. Full of wealth and rich ponies." Chrysalis was also known to be working there (her appearance in Stratopolis during her conversation with Rainbow Dash was simply a projection).

Boxer describes it by saying "...most of Val Roa is outlying farmsteads and a few mining operations.  However, at the heart of the kingdom?  Upon the eastern crest of the Polished Mountains ... Their capital city lies, and it is a veritable jewel of a metropolis, with beautiful architecture that will put most other kingdoms to shame."

Tall spires loomed close to the palace, capped off with bronze rooftops that glinted fiery-orange in the sunlight.  Down below, domed buildings and circular rotundas dotted the royal district like golden nautilus shells.  Further southwest, the city descended into crescent-shaped districts of polished stone and granite.  The entire capital looked like a bed of hot coals on the edge of a desolate landscape.  The earth underneath was a red-brown, and cactus gardens added patches of green in various spots.

Because of its proximity to the Grand Choke, Val Roa "...exists in near-perfect isolation.  Its citizens within the capital city live in tranquility.  They are affluent—yes—but they do not hog their wealth.  Above all else, they appreciate art, luxury, and the equal opportunity to enjoy life's bounties."

Battle for Val Roa Edit

At the climax of Yaerfaerda, the Battle for Val Roa took place. Factions involved in the conflict were:

This battle marked the last flight of the Noble Jury, as the engine overloaded and sent it plummeting to the ground, destroying it and the Text of the Prophets. The members that were onboard were saved by Rainbow Dash, leaving the entirety of the Jurists unscathed.

Notable Locations Edit

Amulek - A silver-mining town near the mountains, home of Booster Spice

Bountiful - The seat of the House of Sehlp, home of Arcanista

Ether Point - A research facility in the northern mountains

Zeezrom - The setting for the first chapters of Yaerfaerda

Helaman Province

The Lemuel Tundra

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