It's almost adorable how optimistic all of you are about this book
- Swan Song, comment

Utaan is the 8th book in the Austraeoh series.

Etymology Edit

Utaan seems to mean "Beyond" or "Alone" I think. Some similar words suggest "Abroad" or a far away land. Gotta check with Pilate.

Hiatus Edit

The ending of Utaan was notable for being a notable break in the "daily update" writing pattern of the series. After the chapter "Waiting is the hardest part" (on October 4 2016), the author took an extended break from writing for a number of personal reasons[1]. The story was finished on May 10, 2017 and the hiatus officially ended 3 days later, which was coincidentally the 5 year anniversary of the story's beginning.

Super's Crappy Slightly Humorous Summary of Utaan

Plot Summary:

-Initially, Dash isn't in focus: Swab/Swift Song in Red Barge and Keris in Rohbredden/Red Barge are the protagonists. First time Dash doesn't appear at the start since the second book.

-Dash is captured by Monket and imprisoned in Red Barge, where Fluttershy is a wonderful friend and counselor and makes her semi-sane again.

-Chandler, head of the Consortium, and Skagra, boss of Red Barge, play politics with Dash, the Rainbow Rogue. Monket is the middleman.

-Swab smuggles food to Dash and tries to become friends.

-Keris arrives on Red Barge and is accidentally captured and imprisoned with Dash.

-Chandler entices pirates to attack Red Barge. Keris and Monket fight them off, and Monket becomes legendary.

-Chandler visits Red Barge. Skagra removes Dash's pendant so she'll kill Keris. Swab and the seafoam steal it back and save Dash and Keris.

-Dash makes up with her friends after the end of the Quade.

-Dash, Keris and the Seafoam beat up all the Dredgers and take over Red Barge. Chandler runs away, and Monket is Jack Sparrow.

-Happy ending for Red Barge. Keris lets Dash go.

-Dash hitches a ride with Captain Farouche to Rohbredden, in the Sunset Prefecture.

-Dash walks across Rohbredden. Sunset Prefecture -> Sunset Tract (via boat).

-Riverstem. Dash shaves her mane and gets robes from Lucky Steve.

-Osmanthus Prefecture. Lots of rice paddies. Dash meets Sweet and Reeds and has a Luna convo.

-Petrispines. Dash beats up some bandits.

-Kunmane. Dash meets Nana Pearl, a Heraldite spy, and has an epic escape from the Talon.

-The Mist Cliffs. More Talon hide-and-seek.

-Braum and Steamfall. Dash is captured, freed by Verlax, fights Longaze, saves ponies from a burning tavern, is saved by Wildcard, frees hostages, and steals a train.

-Train chase vs the Talon. Seraphimus lets Dash go.

-Dash flashes Sweetie Belle (not really).

-Dash crosses lots of mountains, kills a wyrm, and is saved by Remna.

-Dash arrives at Wyvern point and meets Mortuana and the (real) Herald. Bard and WC rejoin the party.

-Keris and Theams join forces. Seraphimus arrests Chandler, and Starstorm kills Skagra in Pine Prefecture (check location name).

-Verlax appears before the council and ruins everything.

-Ariel hits on Dash, and forces her out of the closet. Dash tells her friends about Roarke, and vows to survive her journey and find Roarke once again when it's all over.

-The Herald fights the Central Guard. Windigoes arrive, and the Herald and Guard make peace and hide in the tunnels. Dash sings "Fire of Friendship" to ward off Windigoes.

-The Talon minus Seraphimus, Theams and Echo join the party, per WC's request. Theams yells at Dash. Remna is Axan. Exposition from Morty regarding the Harmonic Plains.

-More Windigoes outside Starkiss. Morty sacrifices herself to stop them.

-Dash vs Seraphimus. Dash was faking her wing injury. Dash's Central Guard sacrifice themselves to let the Herald continue.

-Verlax kills herself with a trapped door. Applejack joins the party.

-Dash lies to Rohbredden so they unite against her to survive the Windigoes.

-Dash has a massive chaos attack that puts her under for a week.

-Blue's Farm; the Twilight Lands. Bard has a sad backstory. Nicole joins the party.

-The Herald walk to the sea, where Flynn has a boat. Chandler, Seraphimus and the Talon give pursuit.

-The Herald sails to Bleak's Plummet, where Luna convinces the Sarosians to assist them.

-The Herald and Sarosian armada sail to the Sixth Seed, where Dash sees the Utaan symbol. Where we are now.

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