The Maretriarchal Confederacy (often referred to by its current name Ledomare or simply the Confederacy) is a kingdom that takes the name of whichever queen is currently on the throne. Despite its name, the Confederacy doesn't appear to be a noticably matriarchical society (aside from having a queen), unlike the neighboring Searo.

The Val Roans speak of a group called the "Westgaters" which fled west from the continent several centuries ago across the Frozen Sea to escape a war with the Goblin Cartel. This appears to mark the earliest origin of the Confederacy as this group of ponies displaced the indiginous caribou of Bethlem approximately three centuries ago.[1]

Its known epochs (not quite in chronological order) are:

  • Byssomare - Began the Age of Sparklight, in which worship of the Great Spark became the state religion
  • Beltenmare - Searo broke from the confederacy during this period
  • Zaidmare - About 250 years ago. This was the "Zaidmare Genocidal Era" in which caribou were exterminated from the land
  • Wessamare - Over 100 years before the Xonan incursion
  • Ledomare - Rule of Queen Ledo, current during the majority of Austraeoh
  • Luxmare - Changed during Urohringr as part of a public revolt against governmental corruption and militaristic expansion
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