“Unlike alicorns, these Divines aren't creatures of Harmony, but they are capable of wielding it... as well as chaos. They discover a middle-ground that gives them balance... much like you, Rainbow Dash."
- Ynanhluutr, "I Will Diminish, and Remain Camellia"

The Divine Five, or simply "The Divines", refers to five ancient dragons. All but Axan are first named by Luna[1]. They are (in descending seniority):

Each one of them represents a universal element. Each one is a brood queen responsible for fostering the draconian population on the world. According to Axan, they were present on Urohringr before the Alicorns ever arrived, claiming it "...was ours to begin with"[2]. For many millenia they worked together with the Alicorns in harmony, but the past thousand years or so they have grown apart. Axan and Nevlamas in particular began to blame the Alicorns for tainting the world to begin with.

For millennia, the five had been out of contact with each other. After Rainbow Dash, Belle, and Pilate left Blue Shelf, Axan attempted to communicate with her sisters via a sound stone, but was only able to reach Sturke. She reported that the prophecies were being fulfilled, and that all of them must prepare for it.[3]

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