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I've never been and I never will be a genius, but... I've got ideas. I've got tons and bushels and pantyloads of ideas. So many ideas that I'm constantly sighing under the impossible weight of them all. I have so many ideas that I know I will never ever get to publish them all. The best I can do is just unload the ascii train tracks with a miles-per-second-keyboard and hope for some decent applepone cuddlebumpery.
- Blog post

The author of the Austraeoh series is an elusive fellow, whose known pseudonyms include "Imploding Colon", "ShortSkirtsAndExplosions", "Blue Harvest", "Just Essay", and "Post". His interests include Disney princesses, Chun-Li, pro wrestling, Teen Titans, video games, Tron, and Space Ghost. He holds a bachelor's degree in English with a minor in creative writing from Seminole State College (formerly Seminole Community College).


Regarding his own work:

"I'm really not a good writer.  What I do is a hobby, a hobby that I am happy to share with you. Through the combined works of myself and your friendly neighborhood Imploding Colon, I've engaged in an activity that's brought me happiness and contentment, and I've been lucky to have others to share in such material."

"Writing MLPfiction is currently and will continue to be the most rewarding thing in my life for the time being.  Yes, everything ends and/or is replaced, but for right now, I'm extremely gratified to be here, and I'm glad to have made many awesome acquaintances in the process."

On writing professionally

"The things I write, the way I write, and the methods I use to write are not in any way professional.  They're my earnest attempts at creative expression and they completely and utterly deserve to be broken down, disassembled, analyzed, and criticized by loads of marsupials far more intelligent and gifted than I, but they are not in any way examples of what should be done when attempting to impress real life editors or the competitive market of the modern day reading audience as a whole. The biggest reason for this is that in two years and over two million words of keyboard fappery, I've not improved my style or vocabulary even a shred.  Why?  Because I've not bothered to.  I simply stick to what I know (which isn't much) and tackle it as I've always seen fit.  As a result, I've not grown beyond my limits or fixed my mistakes or done anything to float beyond the range of my own comfort zone.  I think this makes it so that while I'm a verbose writer, I'm certainly not a creator of noticeable or provocative stuff, and most of my material--though dense and hearty--has a Jupiter-sized dollop of "average" for a cream filling."

On writing "Austraeoh"[]

The Austraeoh series originally came about in the spring of 2012, with the very first chapters being posted on May 13th. The style of storytelling was vastly different from almost anything else Skirts has written:

  • It was under a new, nondescript pseudonym "Imploding Colon". In an interview, the reason for the alt account is because "I didn't want to ping everyone with a lot of author alerts, and I didn't know what I was writing at the time."[1] Despite this, it didn't take long for "Austraeoh" to reach the featured box.
  • Every chapter was plain and short, with a 1-word title and around 1000 words of content, updated daily.
  • It was also completely raw and unedited, generally written over the course of an hour in one sitting before posting. In other words, it is pure creativity with no rigid process or quality filter to slow it down. In regards to the cadence of writing, Skirts says: "To my knowledge, [IC] simply does it one chapter a day and uploads without editing.  It helps to have no life, you see. On some days....he writes two chapters and uploads them over time. That's when it helps to have twice no life, you see."

All of these signs indicate that Austraeoh was originally nothing more than a personal side project; an outlet for writing without the pressure of a huge audience expecting top-quality content. "Like most of the crud I produced in 2012, I just wanted a break from Background Pony." There are abundant typos and inconsistencies throughout the story ("Iron Plate" being an early example). Some criticize the prose for being too purple, or the plot for being too meandering. Nevertheless, all of these factors do not give the final product any less literary merit.

Regarding the ending, Skirts had this to say:

"Yes, the series will really be 12 books long.  The general plot of the story is already planned out about three books in advance, though there's room for filler in the middle.  Currently, concrete plans cover everything through the early portions of book 5.  Then it dicks around for a bit, like Imploding Colon stories are bound to do.

As for the ending... well... there are a few in mind, but so far I do believe IC is gunning for one in particular."