"She slowed as she saw hauntingly familiar things. Towards the middle of the book, there were several detailed diagrams of gears, pendulums, conveyor belts, and pistons. She knew that she had seen all of these things before."
- Eljunbyro, "Dark Crest"

The pegasus book. Found by Rainbow, Belle, and Pilate in the crystal cave in Foxtaur Forest. Later used as a power source. It was destroyed in the crash of the Noble Jury in Yaerfaerda ch. 137.

She was completely incapable of translating the text within, but she was nevertheless intrigued.  This was likely due to the gratuitous amount of pictures that the book contained.  She saw maps, complex diagrams of architecture, engravings of mountains and wilderness, and more than a trough full of cryptic imagery.

Other than the one recurring crest, Rainbow Dash saw something that struck her funny.  Even though she couldn't interpret the words or the many symbols surrounding them, there was something uniquely familiar about the hoofwriting.  She could have sworn she had seen such similar brushstrokes when being forced in grade school to skim over the old manuscripts covering Commander Hurricane and the founding of Cloudsdale.  A motif feathers and marble architecture in various illustrations only further supported this.