The Tarkington is a manaship. Eighteen years before the events of Urohringr, it crashed into Stratopolis and left its survivors there as captives of the changeling swarm. It was reactivated at the climax of the battle with the Smooze by Prowse, Props and the other refugees after they were able to retrieve sufficient manacrystals to recharge its failed engines. After launching clear of Stratopolis, the ship was used to carry the refugees, including Seclorum and Prowse, back to their homes in Xona and Ledomare.

Appearance Edit

The Tarkington is a sturdy, slender cigar-shaped vessel, capable of carrying a crew of one hundred and fifty. It has a dull green hull, copper lateral fins and a steel-reinforced cockpit. It is powered by engines of yellow (?) skystone.

Val Roan Campaign Edit

The Tarkington made a return in the middle of Yaerfaerda, just in time to rescue Josho, EE, and Booster in the Lemuel Tundra. Its crew at this time included: