"The harsh winter brought upon by the windigoes had just come to an end. The three races of ponies had at last come together, and as our blessing to pegasi, unicorns, and earth ponies alike, we crafted this blade. My sister forged it out of pure moonstone, and I imbued it with strong solar magic."
- Urohringr, "And You Have My Sword"
Bearer of solstice
The Sword of Solstice is a golden sword inset with 6 jewels, which bears the power of light within it. It was crafted by the Princesses Celestia & Luna shortly after the unification of the three pony tribes " be a symbol for Equestrian sovereignty"[1]. Later, when the Sentinel that would later be called Stratopolis entered Equestria, Celestia gave the sword to Commander Hurricane. At that time, the sword proved instrumental in containing the Smooze within the heart of Stratopolis. After Hurricane's death, it was buried inside her tomb and guarded, until Rainbow Dash accidentally broke the sepulchre and obtained the sword in Urohringr, ch. 83. After Rainbow used it to survive in Stratopolis and obtain counsel from Princess Celestia, she left it in the custody of the Grey Feathers of Durandana, as a rightful relic of the Valkyrie and a means of them receiving guidance from Celestia.



Sword of Solstice appearance and size comparison

It is described as "...a long, double-edged sword, gilded down the center with six studded, multi-colored gemstones.  The metal of the blade was an immaculate golden color, and the hilt bore the image of a regal alicorn." The gemstones are almost certainly made in likeness of the Elements of Harmony. Celestia further details that the sword was forged by Luna out of "pure moonstone."


The sword is imbued with strong solar magic, and carries an innate connection with Princess Celestia. When brought into full sunlight, it allows direct communication with the Princess. When wielded, it shines with a lustrous power that dissolves Smooze almost instantly, and may possibly cancel out the effects of chaos.

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