"Screw you and this turd-ship you flew in on!" Rainbow Dash raspberried as she trotted across the chamber and started banging her hooves against the hull.
- Innavedr, "Dolling Up Dash"

The Steel Wing is a large battleship in the service of the Ledomartian Navy. Its captain is Captain Filta and it is under the command of Prime Enforcer Shell.


First MissionEdit

The Steel wing was first tasked with securing Rainbow Dash (a.k.a. the Target) after her explosive escape from Blue Shelf. The battleship caught up with Dash and her party in the Foxtaur Forest where Shell fired incendiary rounds in order to drive her out. Failing to obtain "the Target", and having the ship nearly destroyed by Roarke, Filta was put in charge of re-building her.

Second MissionEdit

The Steel Wing was also featured in the Battle of Blue Nova, being the one to lead the raid on Nightshade's offices and wage war on the city. It then chased the Noble Jury to Deep Ridge, where the Jury was saved only by Imre's sacrifice.

Third MissionEdit

After Shell's mental breakdown and the death of Filta, the Steel Wing's new captain was Prime Enforcer Evans. After chasing "the Target" to the Xonan Boarder, the ship is used to shoot down any and all skystone vessels, leading to the capture of Kera, who escaped soon after.

The Steel Wing is mentioned by Prime Enforcer Fortis.

The Steel Wing then kidnaps Belle, and shoots down the Noble Jury, taking Belle to a sequencing outpost known as Pale Shelf. After Belle convinces Shell that she is Imre, he orders the ship to be flown towards the front to intercept the Lightning Bearer.

Final MissionEdit

The Steel Wing arrives at the warfront to fight off the Lightning Bearer. After several vollies, both ships are almost ready to fall apart when Shell orders his men to ram the crippled Lightning Bearer. Both ships crash to the ground and are not operational afterward.


Mana Cannons- can be fired at will or all at once

Carrier- Ability to hold several managliders

Target Containment- outfitted with a Chaos Metal sarcophagus to imprison Rainbow Dash.