"The Spark has many names," said a soothing voice directly behind me, albeit resonating with holy power. "But it only has one spirit."
- Eljunbyro, "Divine Deliverance"

The Spark, or simply "Spark", can refer to several things:

  • It is one interpretation of the word "Austraeoh", and is used to refer to Rainbow's role in reclaiming or revitalizing the world, as written in the Text of the Prophets. This spark is believed to be the same as the mysterious "lavender light", the force which preserves Rainbow in her journey and guides her to her next goal. It is also evidenced by Rainbow's ability to manipulate the Machine World, energizing its gears and pulleys just like a living battery. The source of this energy is currently unknown, but is likely to be connected with Rainbow's Element of Loyalty.
  • It is an object of worship in Ledomaritan culture, frequently referred to in epithets such as "By the spark!'. What, exactly, is being referred to here is never made clear. "The Spark" appears to be the Ledomaritan name for the life force of the earth itself, rather than a particular diety. It is speculated that this term is a carryover from a more ancient culture than Ledomare itself (see Ancient Pegasi), and that their concept of diety is in fact one and the same as Austraeoh. This is substantiated by several of Belle's utterances, including "Blessed Spark Below!" and "Blessed Spark, imbuer of harmony"