The Smooze is an omnivorous, seemingly unstoppable wave of purple muck. Its origin is unknown, but at some point in the past it attacked the city of Stratopolis, decimating the pegasus soldiers who lived there. It was only stopped by Commander Hurricane wielding the Sword of Solstice, after which it was sealed away by Hurricane in a small chamber near the heart of Stratopolis. This chamber was then locked behind a rune door next to a magically recorded message by Hurricane warning of the dangers inside. In Urohringr, it was inadvertently loosed again by Razzar and his companions when he threw a switch which he presumed to be the city's main controller.

Smooze comes in two forms; its "natural" state is a caustic, sapient purple liquid speckled with eyeballs. In large quantities, it also gives off a deep thrumming sound compared to a heartbeat or a bass drum. Any living organism which touches it is necrotized almost instantly and becomes one with the pool. Those who are unfortunate enough to fall in will become undead, and will reemerge from the pool later as a mindless soldier.

The undead creatures which emerge from the pool are shown to be solid rather than liquid (though they spew purple goo freely), and can be engaged in melee combat by a careful fighter. Since the Smooze originally attacked Stratopolis, many of the undead creatures in Urohringr are pegasi, although there is one instance of a Naga being turned. Celestia notes with interest that Commander Hurricane's brigade was less than 150 pegasi in all, yet more than that number of undead creatures attacked. From this it is implied that the Smooze has also consumed hundreds of Ancient Pegasi at some point in the past.

The only thing which has been shown to stop the Smooze is liberal manafire, and the light from the Sword of Solstice. Presumably, it was entirely destroyed along with Stratopolis itself at the midway point of Urohringr.

Bellesmith describes the Smooze in this way:

"Something terribly evil must have corrupted them a long, long time ago.  According to Rainbow, it almost looked like the winged ponies who controlled Stratopolis long before Hurricane had dabbled in... something that proved to be their undoing.  Maybe they were working on some horrible weapon, or perhaps they simply discovered an otherworldly substance that proved too dangerous for this world."[1]

Commander Hurricane's warning message says this about it:

"It was then that I discovered that the age of this city is not only timeless, but it had long been polluted by greed, malice, and ambitious forms of magical experimentation.  The pegasi who commandeered this dwelling before I—whoever they may have been or wherever they may have hailed from—they desired power at the cost of their own well-being.  They had discovered something in their travels, something vile and deadly and ravenous, something older than any other agent of death that plagues the Harmonic Realm."[2]

On the Dark Side Edit

The Smooze is also found on the dark side of the world, where it is usually called "the blob" or "the ocean". It occupies an enormous space on the continent and prevents any travel across or above it with the exception of specifically made Dihmer ships.
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