“Well, you've got a magical god-squirrel,” Rainbow Dash said, pointing at the twitching rodent in question. “Shouldn't that get you a leg up?”
- Innavedr, "Party All Night"

Simon is a squirrel, friend and companion of Floydien. As a result of Nightshade Industries' experiments on him, he has two tesla coils protruding from his head. These seem to give him powerful telekinetic abilities; with extreme effort he is able to move objects of mass approaching that of the Noble Jury's.

Simon is loyal to Floydien and ranges from amiable to irritable with others. He seems intelligent on the order of Fluttershy's Angel Bunny, making the usual squirrel sounds instead of talking, and is able to make decisions and act on his own initiative.

He originally came from a squirrel habitat in the town of Bountiful. Floydien named Simon himself, and developed a special bond with him while he was still the Duke of Sehlp.

He was killed in Odrsjot while the Noble Jury was about to crash into a mountainside. Simon burned out the manacircuits in his head to generate sufficient telekinesis to slow the fall and save everyone else from death.