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"Even if every tree becomes a cinder today, it will be Ledomare's paradise tomorrow, so long as our children have the power to call the ashes theirs."
- Eljunbyro 180

Shell is the main antagonist for both Eljunbyro and Innavedr and to a lesser extent Odrsjot. His original motivation was to use the captured Rainbow Dash and her amulet as a weapon against the Xonans. After Dash's, Belle's and Pilate's escape, he boards the Steel Wing in an attempt to chase the now fugitive Dash down. After a blatant display of ruthlessness and the death of his daughter Imre, he begins to slip into a state of vengeance fueled madness, brutally murdering Captain Filta and his escorts. After some manipulation from Belle, he attacks the Lightning Bearer at Seclorum's camp and successfully destroys it with the new motivation of apologising to his daughter in the most literal sense. Imre commits suicide rather than face him. Shell goes completely mad and slaughters the inhabitants of Lerris and holds Belle and Pilot hostage in order to draw Rainbow Dash back to him, greatly upsetting many readers. Rainbow finally slays him for good.


Shell is introduced as a stony and cold prime enforcer newly appointed as administrator of Blue Shelf, taking the title and office originally held by Garnet. Belle is taken to his new office after a rather intensive sequencing experience. Tired and a bit dazed, she and her former boss are told to work at peak efficiency for longer amounts of time. Both of them leave as Shell removes the last of Garnet's personal affects from the room.


After the initial orders and a few rounds of sequencing, Shell is seen more frequently by Belle as she is locked away in the sequencing chambers for longer periods of time. Each time, fewer residents of Blue Shelf remain in their homes, Shell tells Belle that it is to limit distractions.

When the Enforcers come to take Pilate, Shell once again writes it off as a nessesary step to keep her focused, citing the importance of the war effort. As Belle goes in for sequensing she manages to escape, find Rainbow Dash, release her form storage. The only thing protecting her on her escape being Grinder, who is shot in the head by Shell.

As Belle moves through the facility, finding dead bodies, her neighbors turned to slaves, and a massive metallic structure under the ground, Shell is hot on her trail. It isn't until the tower is activated that Shell is seen again, attempting to detain his targets and getting the snot beaten out of him by Dash.

After the majority of the citizens of Blue Shelf escape, Shell can be seen leading the fight against manticores and calling for reinforcements.

Ponies onboard the Steel Wing, firing the cannon over Foxtaur Forest - Eljunbyro Chp 141 - Shell Shells

After obtaining the vessel known as the Steel Wing, Shell sets off. He follows the wake of Rainbow Dash half way across the country picking up Josho along the way and getting very close to his target. Aboard the ship, Shell is put off by Josho, threatening to drop him overboard for saying that the two were the same. When he finally does catch up to Rainbow Dash in the Foxtaur Forest, he sets the place ablaze in order to drive her out.

He manages to kill Zenith and capture Phoenix, using the latter as a decoy to draw Rainbow Dash away from the rest of the group, then ambushes them. He lures Rainbow Dash to the Steel Wing and Tries to convince her to enter a chaos metal sarcophagus. She escapes when Roarke rescues her, bringing down the Steel Wing in the process, leaving Shell to attempt pursuit in a glider, which is then shot down, leaving him to shout impotently at the fleeing target.

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At this point he starts going rogue, having ordered the Steel Wing's captain to dismantle the ships communication device to prevent Ledo high command from making contact with him. Shortly thereafter, he makes contact with Enforcer Evans and learns that Belle and Phoenix escaped and that Pilate survived, and that the latter is headed towards Blue Nova. Upon this revelation he and Evans fly to Blue Nova in a glider, leaving Captain Filta to finish raising the Steel Wing. He Arrives in Blue Nova and threatens Overseer Fatch.

A little while later he spots Pilate and pursues him into the sewers of Blue Nova. Along the way he starts becoming more unhinged, denying requests for reinforcements to help cover Blue Nova. There he literally runs into Rainbow Dash again. They have a long fight, Rainbow wins again, but Shell also survives again. Soon after he talks to Nightshade, and gets her to reveal the location of Belle and company, in Deep Ridge, by having her choose which of her workers to kill. She is unable to make the choice, so he kills them both.

Then he has Filta direct the Steel Wing to Deep Ridge and begin bombing the place. He then orders Rainbow Dash to surrender herself. However, he stops firing when his daughter, Imre, approaches the ship. She tries to reason with him, to get him to give up the pursuit, but fails and commits suicide. After that, Filta and an escort comes to arrest Shell, but Shell kills them. He then goes completely rogue, saying that the council of Ledo has been infiltrated, putting Evans in command of the Steel Wing and taking it in pursuit of Rainbow and her friends.


Shell first shows up in Odsrjot when he has the Steel Wing destroy the Herald cult's skystone ship after taking Kera and the Ancient tome off. It is quite clear that he has lost his mind, having removed Imre's horn from her corpse and constantly begging for her forgiveness. He starts seeing Kera as Imre and snaps at the crew for interrupting his rants for routines that require his approval, to the point that the ship's crew is getting nervous.

His next appearance is when he attacks the Noble Jury, trying to find Rainbow Dash. He fails, but Belle gets him to agree to leave the Noble Jury alone if she helps him sequence with Imre. He takes Belle, but then (unsurprisingly) goes back on his word and attacks the Jury anyways. He then Brings Belle to a base called Deep Ridge and has her sequence with Imre's horn, growing all the more insane in the process. After the sequencing he starts to think that Belle IS Imre, allowing her to use Shell and the Steel Wing to attack the Lightning Bearer.

Shell, showing that he had earned the rank of Prime Enforcer, pulls off action after action that allows the outgunned Steel Wing to hold its own against the Lightning Bearer, but it is a fight that he cannot win. During this fight he finds out that Belle has deceived him, but she escapes before he can catch her. He eventually orders the Steel Wing to ram the Lightning Bearer, causing both vessels to crash.

After the crash he engages Arcshod, following a long fight he slays Arcshod, only to find out that the being he was fighting was not Arcshod, but something that merely looked like him. Once that happens Rainbow Dash ends the conflict and Shell finds a glider. He takes the glider and with some help follows Rainbow and friends to Lerris. Once he reaches there Shell goes and slaughters the inhabitants of Lerris and holds Belle and Pilot hostage in order to draw Rainbow Dash back to him, greatly upsetting many readers. Rainbow finally slays him for good.