Searo is a city-state populated by "metal mares" -- fierce bounty hunters and warriors. Stallions in this country are referred to as "breeders" and are treated beneath slaves. The metal mares follow a strict religious philosophy where the hunt of their prey honors their goddess. Mothers are most often slain by their daughters when they come of age as a rite of passage. Its main feature is Searo's Hold, a well-defended mountain stronghold and training ground.

It was founded by Queen Searo after a rebellion against the Maretriarchal Confederacy.

As a nation, it was spoken of by foreigners with mixtures of revulsion and fear. Following the rescue of Rainbow Dash, Roarke and Imre by Crimson and his crystal pony allies, as well as the passing of Lady Pestiferous, Searo's Hold is little more than a crumbling stronghold that has seen better days

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