"I mean..." She sniffled and forced her breath to be steady. "It's loyalty? Is it still gonna protect you?"

"Why wouldn't it?"

"Because... because all the other elements..." She winced at her own words, but still had to murmur it. "All the others are gone..."

"Look at me, Scootaloo." My eyes hardened. The dizziness faded momentarily as I said, "There is always somepony to be loyal to. Always."

- Eljunbyro, "Always Loyal"

Scootaloo is notable in the Austraeoh series for being the last pony in Ponyville Rainbow Dash talked to before leaving on her journey east, and for giving Dash the pair of shaded goggles (marked with her initials S.L) Dash wears throughout the story. She says of the goggles, "I made them to last a long time and in rough weather."[1]

Like everypony else besides the princesses, Scootaloo doesn't know that Dash is dying. She tries to persuade her to stay in Ponyville.

In Austraeoh, Princess Luna mentions that Scootaloo is staying for a longer time with Sweetie Belle, who moved back to Canterlot with her parents.[2]

During the ten months Dash was unconscious and imprisoned in Blue Shelf, Scootaloo both earned her cutie mark (when she learned to repair things after breaking her scooter) and learned to fly about four months later. She has subsequently been teaching Spike (who has grown wings) to fly, and has become a sort of apprentice to him in the Ponyville library, repairing machines and helping with experiments.[3]

Luna allows Scootaloo to talk with Dash through their full-moon connection while Dash is in Foxtaur forest with Bellesmith and Pilate. Scootaloo says that Sweetie Belle is becoming a singer. Rainbow Dash tells her to hold onto her friendships with the Crusaders.[4]

When Rainbow builds a raft to cross the Grand Choke, she names the ship "Scootaloo"

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