There was no flame because she was the flame. As soon as she made contact, the ruby light left the pendant and filled the brazer instead. Her body erupted with harmonic energy, glowing all over with an immaculate crimson shine.
- Urohringr, "Eyes on the Big Picture"

Ruby Flame is a feature found inside the machine world beneath the earth. It is a bright red flame that is always located on a pedestal on the middle of a bridge. When it is touched by Rainbow Dash, it apparently recharges her Element of Loyalty, prolonging her life and giving her additional guidance on her journey. Whitemane refers to it as "the flame of my forbears".

Recently (since the Grand Choke), the presence of the flame has become more "implied" than literal. It is almost as though, instead of a pedestal holding a flame to give to Rainbow, they are there to receive a flame from her instead. The language used in those chapters avoids references that actually describe a literal flame being present.

The flames that have been uncovered so far have been found in: