"All because of that insufferable horse!" He sneered, "You robbed the Lounge of our one and only chance to protect these lands! Do you know... do you have any idea what a calamitous fate you've brought upon the world?!"
- Urohringr, "All's Well That Ends Well"

Razzar is a Naga, and the leader of The Lounge.

Razzar's plan was to take control of Stratopolis, and use it to travel to the northern Skystone deposits. The city would provide them a safe place from which to mine the stone, after which they can use the resulting stockpile of power to start conquering the world.

He was severely wounded by Pilate during the fight in the Stratopolis control room, just as the city was being destroyed. Shortly afterwards, he was cannibalized by three of his crewmates after they denounced his weakness and megalomaniacal tendencies.