"Yoo've come tae steal uir lit, eh?" A hoof and a metal hand gripped Rainbow's skull from behind. "Aam gonnae skelp yer fizzog aff tae Spark's blazes, ye loopin' wanker!"
- Urohringr, "Shoulda Brought a Tank Buster"

Prowse is the eccentric uncle of Props. He is a brilliant mechanic and tinkerer. He is missing a foreleg, and in place of a crutch he has a mechanical leg which doubles as a cannon.

The Changeling "Prowse"Edit

The Prowse which was found in the shipwreck on the Frozen Sea, along with Elma, was actually a Changeling. This one did not have his memory wiped, but instead appeared to be acting with sinister intent. This is exhibited by the fact that he sets off an explosion and escapes just before the group meets the actual Prowse. He speaks with an almost indecipherable Scottish accent, which was a flaw on the Changeling's part, because Prowse only used that voice when talking with foreign traders.

The real ProwseEdit

The real Prowse had been a prisoner in Stratopolis for many years until he was rescued by the Noble Jury. He and Props use their knowledge to reactivate the Tarkington and fly it back home to Xona and Luxmare. He still maintains contact with Props by means of a manacommunication array which he designed.

Shortly before the attack on Val Roa, Prowse returns as part of the crew of the Tarkington and joins in the fight, providing several new weapons of his invention to use against the Goblin Cartel.