This page summarizes the primary plot points and characters in each story. It should go without saying that almost everything that can possibly be spoiled will be in the course of this summary.

Book 1: AustraeohEdit

  • Exposition - Rainbow Dash flies east across the Blue Plains. She narrowly escapes a den of Quarry Eels. She carves 5 names by a ruined cabin.
  • Windthrow - Rainbow helps a caravan reach their destination. She explores the mines of Windthrow and fights back a swarm of chaos beasts. She pursues a kidnapped foal. She fights a camp of minotaurs, rescues their prisoners, and discovers the machine world. She says goodbye to Gold Petals.
  • The mountains - She crosses an improbably tall mountain range. She is caught in a blizzard. She fights off a drakeling.
  • Ridgeside - Rainbow interrupts a hoofball game. She recuperates in town and helps them with chores. She meets the mayor who tells her of the geography.
  • Emeraldine - Rainbow flies to the capital spire of Emeraldine. She meets Constable Steelteeth, who escorts her to Queen Whitemane. Whitemane enters Rainbow's mind and explains the origin of the world. She gives Rainbow a shield spell.
  • Darkstine - Steelteeth and Rainbow fly east to Darkstine. They stay with Governess Mintelle while discussing the current political situation. Rainbow slips out to the other side of town and rescues kidnapped/brainwashed foals. She confronts Duke Zaap Nator and fights him to the bottom of a pit. She enters the Machine World again and reactivates the obelisk in the center of the city, restoring power and balance to the Darkstinians.
  • Outpost - Rainbow flies out of Darkstine. She camps at an outpost and meets Cold Canter and Desert Light. She talks with them about the eastern lands. Rainbow unearths a charred skeleton on the far side of a ravine.
  • The desert - Rainbow flies over a barren desert. She communicates via sound stone to Cold Canter. She is caught in a violent sandstorm. She discovers the ruins of the kingdom of Silvadel and is ambushed by dragons in a temple.
  • Silvadel - Rainbow meets Stu, Swirls, Lime Tech, and other survivors of Silvadel. She tries to help them fight the dragons. They tell her of her plan to kill the dragon matriarch using "death water". Rainbow calls Celestia and Luna and they agree to help her talk diplomatically to the matriarch. She confronts Axan who refuses to reason with Alicorns, and angrily calls her brood to destroy Silvadel. Rainbow is about to leave the inhabitants to their fate, but is plagued by remorse and decides to turn back. Taking the death water bomb, she returns to Axan's chamber alone, uses the bomb to dissolve her hoard, and Rainbow gets eviscerated in retribution. Shortly before Rainbow's vision fades, Axan murmurs "Austraeoh..." in sudden realization, and all becomes black.

Book 2: EljunbyroEdit

  • Sequencing - After Axan drops Rainbow Dash off in Aridstone of Ledomare, ten months later, Bellesmith is re-experiencing Rainbow's memories via manasequencing equipment. She lives in a small experimentation community with a testing facility. She visits the surface to see her friends and loved ones.
  • Shell overtakes Blue Shelf - Bellesmith continues to relive Rainbow's memories even on the surface outside of the facility due to Whitemane's connection to Rainbow. Her beloved (husband figure, a blind zebra named Pilate) helps her figure out what is happening, soon realizing they are Eljunbyro and must save Rainbow. After this, Prime Enforcer Shell, a battle-hardened war activist, kidnaps Pilate while Belle is unconscious.
  • Freeing the subject - With the help of Grinder, Belle gets into the Blue Shelf facility to save her beloved. While in the facility, with the help of others, Rainbow Dash is freed from her preserving sarcophagus. They escape while also freeing other slaves. Belle and Pilate continue Rainbow Dash's journey east together.
  • Green Slope - The trio arrives at a small village in the Ledomaritan province of Green Slope, and try to get directions by disguising Pilate. They are soon discovered by Enforcer Josho and chased through the town. Whilst fighting off Josho, Rainbow Dash slams Pilate's manasphere seeing device into his horn, which creates a leyline entanglement between him and Pilate. They make a hasty escape.
  • Foxtaur Forest - Once far enough away from Green Slope, the trio decides to cross a large forest in Ledomare called Foxtaur. Due to Pilate's manasphere needing a recharge with magical crystals, Rainbow Dash explores a cavern in the forest and finds a skeleton of a pegasus explorer along with a book telling about an ancient community of pegusi and their beliefs. Her exploration is cut short when a giant arthropod chases her out. At the same time, Ledomartin forces emerge and are destroyed by the beast as Rainbow races out of the cavern. The arthropod chases the trio for a while until Rainbow stops and kills it.
  • Mercenaries - While Rainbow is absent, Belle and Pilate stumble upon four soldiers from the Blades Guild of Franzington, a land south of Ledomare. The mercenaries speak to Belle and Pilate shortly until they are interrupted by Rainbow Dash, who returns and immediately beats up all four of them until realizing they were peaceful. Later the soldiers (Crimson, Eagle Eye, Zenith, and Phoenix) take the trio to their base, soon spotting emerging Ledomartian forces. Once the Steel Wing begins shelling the forest, the seven are forced to flee to an emergency base. Once they arrive at the safe spot, it is old ruins of a dead pegasus community. Pilate begins studying some of the markings in the ruins, realizing they match with the book the Rainbow Dash had found.
  • Roarke - While the seven are still at the ruins, they are attacked by a metal mare of Searo, a land full of bounty hunters. The metal mare, named Roarke, captures Rainbow's friends with her advanced mana equipment, and two have a showdown. Soon Roarke's armor is shattered, being defeated by Rainbow. Rainbow almost strikes her dead, but hesitates and leaves her weak. The seven go to find her ship to escape, but Shell, in a sudden rage, begins dropping ignition fluid onto the forest, sending the whole thing up in flames. Startled, the group flees, and Roarke runs away back into the forest.
  • Confrontation at the river - The group find refuge near a ravine with a river, and camps inside. In fear, Zenith and Phoenix use a sound stone to communicate with the Steel Wing to turn in Rainbow, causing Shell, Josho, and other enforcers to be immediately teleported to them. Shell kills Zenith and orders Phoenix to find the other fugitives. Phoenix tells Rainbow that Zenith ran off, causing her to leave searching for him. Soon, everyone in the group finds out about Shell's attack and meet him near the edge of the ravine. Crimson and Eagle Eye fight him off for a while until Crimson is bested and tossed into the ravine. Eagle Eye is about to be shoved off as well but Josho rebells against Shell, causing the two to have rocks dropped on them. At the last second, Josho teleports both of them elsewhere. With Belle, Pilate and Phoenix captured, Rainbow Dash races towards the Steel Wing to save them.
  • Aboard the Steel Wing - Shell tosses Pilate off of the Steel Wing, shortly after Rainbow arrives at and fights Shell and almost surrenders to him, but instead the ship is attacked by a Searonese aircraft and Rainbow is captured by Roarke.

Book 3: InnavedrEdit

The structure of this book follows many different parties and viewpoints as they move and regroup over the course of several days.

  • Roarke and Rainbow Dash - Rainbow wakes up in Roarke's ship, flying towards Searo's Hold. She is stubborn at first, but Roarke disguises her as a "half-blade" so she can take her to Imre's infirmary to mend her torn wing. While there, Roarke is summoned by Pestiferous to offer her the chance of becoming Top Spear of Searomare, which Roarke refuses. Rainbow is then captured and forced, along with Imre, to fight in an arena while Roarke, Pestiferous, and Terra watch. Rainbow breaks out of the arena, and all hell breaks loose.
  • Crimson - Crimson flies an improvised managlider southeast until he crash lands in Aurum. Tweak helps him recover and they tell each other's story. The metal mare Aeterna attacks the town, but is subdued by Crimson after discovering that crystal ponies can interfere with Searonese electronics. In repayment for saving them, Tweak and several other crystal ponies volunteer to stage a rescue mission in hopes of saving Rainbow Dash as well as Tweak's brother and many other captured crystal ponies. They successfully take Aeterna's ship to Searo's Hold and cause all sorts of havoc, at the same time that Rainbow is in the arena. They successfully meet up, defeat Pestiferous, rescue the slaves, and leave Searo's Hold powerless. After returning to Aurum, the group decides to follow Pilate by enlisting the help of Roarke and her ship, which can track unique mana signatures generated by O.A.S.I.S. This leads the group to Blue Nova, where they become tangled in an air battle with the Ledomaritan navy. Rainbow, Tweak, and Imre drop to the ground and enter the subterranean tunnels, where they bump into Shell and his enforcers, and try to locate Pilate underground.
  • Pilate - After surviving the fall from the Steel Wing (with Simon's help), Pilate is carried in a wagon by the eccentric Floydien, who speaks of reuniting with his beloved Nancy Jane. Floydien captures a Ledomaritan zeppelin and uses it to crash into Blue Nova. Pilate and Simon escape but Floydien is captured. Pilate then rescues Jasper, Props, and Ebon from Nightshade Tower. They work together to rescue Floydien from the basement and escape east through the underground tunnels, where they are met by Rainbow Dash's group.
  • Belle & Phoenix - Bellesmith and Phoenix are being carried as prisoners to Pale Shelf but escape by causing their gliders to crash. At first Belle resents Phoenix and tries to run from him, but they end up working together as they follow Belle's book towards Blue Nova. They meet up with Kera, who helps them break into Nightshade Tower. While there, they find the sequencing chamber with the 12 Xonan foals and the captured flame. Belle sequences alongside the foals to learn what they know, and experiences a vision of the whole of Urohringr. Nightshade catches them, Phoenix puts up a last stand while Belle and Kera escape. An unclear amount of time later, Belle wakes as though from sequencing all the way back in Blue Shelf, as though nothing involving Rainbow Dash had happened, but this was simply an illusion made by Nightshade to interrogate her. Belle escapes, finds herself on Nightshade's zeppelin, and hijacks a hovercraft to return to Blue Nova and rescue Phoenix and the 12 foals, which she accomplishes in a daring fashion. In so doing, she also takes the Ruby Flame from Nightshade Tower and channels it into her book, allowing her to carry it as well.
  • Josho and Eagle Eye - Josho and Eagle Eye wake up chained together in a Killa slave encampment. They grudgingly work together and end up escaping from the camp, while still chained together. They fall into a river and awake again inside a train, this time captured by foxes. They overpower the foxes and escape on a captured managlider. After this, they find some beer and end up getting drunk together. Enforcers awaken them and call Josho back to duty on the Steel Wing along with the "traitorous prisoner". Josho, however, has grown fond of EE and disillusioned with the military, so he steals a glider from the Steel Wing and they both escape. Josho intends to retire, but Eagle Eye persuades him to fly to the north to try and find Belle. On the way, however, they get caught up in an air battle around Blue Nova, where Josho fights off the Ledomaritan navy and gets saved from death by Roarke.
  • The Battle of Blue Nova - While Roarke occupies the Ledomaritan navy in the air, a group of Searonese outcasts led by the vengeful Terra appear and join the fight against everyone, causing even more chaos. During this time, the group with Rainbow Dash enters an underground hangar where they find many airships captured by Nightshade, including Floydien's "beloved" Nancy Jane, which turns out to be the ship The Noble Jury. Roarke defeats Terra's squadron at the cost of her own ship, and the Noble Jury escapes the battle.
  • Deep Ridge - Bellesmith, Phoenix, and Kera - having discovered the location of the Deep Ridge facility from Nightshade Tower - fly there with the intent to rescue all the prisoners. Upon reaching the facility, she finds that all of Nightshade's workers have deserted it in fear of a Ledomaritan investigation. She reunites the foals with their missing families. The Noble Jury then arrives, being guided by Rainbow's sense of the flame which Belle now carries. In this midst of this reunion, the Steel Wing arrives and begins shelling the ridge mercilessly. Rather than allow Rainbow to give herself up, Imre flies a hovercraft to the Steel Wing alone, reveals herself as Shell's daughter, and attempts to dissuade him from his mission. Failing this, she kills herself in Shell's cabin. The Noble Jury receives a boost of power from Belle's book and escapes far to the east.

Book 4: OdrsjotEdit

  • Traveling
  • Grey Smoke
  • The Herald
  • Back on the Steel Wing
  • The Lightning Bearer
  • Nightshade and Kera
  • Pale Shelf
  • The Sacred Hold
  • Seclorum's Camp / Battle with Nevlemas
  • Into Xona
  • Lerris / Shell's Return

Book 5: UrohringrEdit

  • Over the Frozen Sea - The Noble Jury continues traveling beyond Xona, but their companionship is shattered by the aftermath of Lerris. Kera is catatonic, Pilate is helpless, Rainbow Dash refuses to talk with Luna for one night and insists on continuing east with no detours
  • Rescuing Prowse & Elma - Props convinces Rainbow Dash to follow a signal on her uncle's special frequency. This leads them to a wrecked ship on an iceberg containing a marooned Prowse and Elma. They are taken aboard the Jury.
  • Confrontation with the Lounge - A mysterious black vessel stops the Jury. The naga aboard (led by Razzar) claim to be looking for Prowse, saying he is a danger to all who come in contact with him. Rainbow refuses to give him up, and a chase ensues. In the panic, the Jury is steered into a stormcloud which seems to intentionally funnel them inside. The Lounge vessel is also sucked inside.
  • Arrival at Stratopolis - The center of the storm cloud is an ancient stone Sentinel, known to Rainbow as the city of Stratopolis. While exploring the city, they find the tomb and last stand of Commander Hurricane. They also stumble upon a group of ragged survivors consisting of Aatxe, Seclorum, Lasairfion, Prowse, Arcshod, and others. The earlier Prowse exposes himself as a changeling and escapes. Elma is also shocked to learn she is a changeling. The party splits up into several groups. Pilate is confronted by a naga named Vaughan, who equips him with an Ocular Array and reveals herself to be Roarke in disguise. Rainbow speaks with a changeling who is held hostage by the survivors, and shows it mercy.
  • A new threat - The changelings, now able to mimic Rainbow Dash, begin to manipulate Stratopolis on their own and cause all kinds of chaos. A plan for escape on the Tarkington is proposed, but it requires manacrystals to power the engine. Rainbow, the Naga, and other survivors undertake a mission to open the core of the city to find such crystals. Beyond a giant door inscribed with the Urohringr symbol is a recorded message by Commander Hurricane warning of a mortal danger beyond, but Razzar ignores it. In what appears to be the control room, Razzar holds Rainbow hostage, tells his sinister plan to control Stratopolis, and flips a switch which releases a small puddle of purple ooze. This is in fact the Smooze, and it is hungry.
  • All hell breaks loose - Smooze begins overtaking the group, necrotizing everything it touches. At the same time, the Changelings decide to attack to try and keep Rainbow and the group locked inside. A huge fight ensues between the three groups as they struggle to escape the city. Rainbow is captured by the changelings and is confronted by the effigy of Chrysalis, who monologues and then tries to kill Rainbow. However, the changelings realize Rainbow's love is more powerful than their queen, so they break their telepathic link and become independent. Ebon is also affected by this shock. Meanwhile, Roarke gives Pilate a piece of skystone which is needed to control the city. Rainbow accidentally smashes open the tomb of Commander Hurricane and finds the Sword of Solstice inside, which holds back the Smooze quite well. Rainbow carries Pilate back to the central control room with the intent to steer Stratopolis off the edge of the world, while the rest of the survivors attempts to make their way to the Tarkington. Aatxe is killed while fending off the Smooze.
  • The northern extreme - Razzar appears and fights Pilate and Rainbow in the control room, but is defeated. The Tarkington is reactivated with the help of Prowse and flies away from the city. Stratopolis crashes spectacularly into the cosmic friction of the skystone fields and is disintegrated. Rainbow, Pilate, and Razzar are rescued from the ocean at the edge of the world, after which Razzar is cannabalized by his former crewmates. Roarke commandeers Vaughan's personal ship which Zaid calls "Whizzball." The flight east continues. Rainbow discovers that the Sword of Solstice allows direct communication with Princess Celestia.
  • Travelling through Alafreo - Elma directs the flight towards he home town of Abinadi, on the shores of Alafreo. The group meets Boxer and has their ship repaired. Elma confronts the fact that she is a changeling whose memories are false, but painfully chooses to embrace who she is and attempt to spread good while she can. She changes her name to "Lerris" and stays in Abinadi.
  • Durandana - Over a mountain range called the Sky Stabs is a temperate, isolated crater inhabited by a tribal pegasus civilization. They treat the Jury as "flying Valkyrie silver" and are thoroughly impressed by Rainbow Dash. Rainbow and Pilate discover that they were originally breakaways from the troop of Commander Hurricane, whom they worship as the Valkyrie. Rainbow visits the sacred place of the Grey Feathers, which is simultaneously a piece of Stratopolis and a piece of the machine world. Rainbow has them talk to Celestia via the Sword of Solstice. These revelations totally rock their world, but at least some begin to accept it. Rainbow teaches them how to use cloud manipulation to leave the crater, and leaves the Sword in their possession so they can benefit from Celestia's guidance. Meanwhile, Roarke begins training Kera in the discipline of magic. Rainbow's dizzy spells become more pronounced, and she begins seeing a persistent symbol in her vision. Roarke declares her tsundere love for Rainbow Dash.
  • Amulek and the Dragon - The Jury follows Yaerfaerda into the borders of Val Roa, but is spontaneously attacked in a village called Amulek. The ponies there were being antagonized by a dragon who appears to be Nevlamas, but refused to leave and stubbornly fought back to preserve their silver mines. The Jury attempts to fight the dragon but is foiled. Finally, they discover that it is actually a fused mass of changelings, who explain desperately that there is a terrible danger in the silver mine and they only wanted to drive everypony away. They explain that Chrysalis has "sown" chaos metal deep in a cave, but had lost control of the monsters when her empathic link was broken. The chaos monsters now threaten to break their bounds and ravage the entire continent.
  • Death and rebirth - Yaerfaerda is directing Rainbow to the center of the mountain. She believes she is dying soon, and resolves on a suicide mission to eliminate the monster threat by sealing them in the machine world. The changelings help her fly into the cave, but she is assaulted by monsters. In a sudden near-death vision, she encounters a mysterious cosmic pony who gives her "wind to her wings", filling her with the power of the flame and allowing her to destroy the monsters for good.

Book 6: YaefaerdaEdit

  • The Cartel - Two months later, the Noble Jury fights off a goblin invasion in Zeezrom and recounts their failed attempts to pierce the West Wall of Val Roa.
  • Ether Point - They fly to the northern mountains and encounter a flock of hundreds of Rainbow Dash changelings. They are taken to Amulek to meet the other 3 surviving changelings there.
  • Bountiful - The group lands in Bountiful to meet with the Duchess of Sehlp. Floydien's mysterious past is finally revealed. The Duchess Arcanista agrees to help the group infiltrate the Val Roan capital. They disguise Kera as a Xonan princess. Rainbow, Jake, Kera, Floydien, and Ebon cross the West Gate into the capital. Meanwhile, the Noble Jury heads south.
  • Val Roa - While the senate is distracted by the "Xonan princess", Rainbow Dash spies on Sharp Quill, Fishberry, and Saikano and learns of a point of interest in the Lemuel Tundra. Kera gives a speech in which she directly warns everyone of Chrysalis, causing mass confusion. Prince Eine talks with Kera about it without revealing his identity. All the commenters start shipping Kera + Eine. Rainbow meets Midnite Bastion, and they plan an assault on the military base to try and disrupt the Soul Sentry program, but are stopped by Saikano. Eine invites Kera to the throne room while Arcanista confronts Fishberry.
  • Mare on a Mission - Roarke follows a goblin ship and discovers they are being paid by the Val Roans to equip their battleships with skystone purchased from the Lounge. She risks being exposed by Jex, but instead he keeps her hidden and talks with her. They decide to each sabotage one of the goblin battleships that is flying towards the capital. Roarke destroys one ship but Jex is captured too soon. Roarke contacts the Lounge and enlists their help.
  • Family Obligations - Rainbow's mission to disrupt the Soul Sentries is partially successful, causing Fishberry, Saikano, and Sharp Quill to lose their composure. Midnite Bastion is captured by Saikano while Floydien and Rainbow escape the military facility. Midnite is able to convince Saikano that he is a replicant, and his love for her leads him to change sides and fight against the conspiracy. Kera and Eine escape the palace through a secret tunnel, with the help of Ebon who is able to gain partial control of the Soul Sentries.
  • Lost and Found - Josho, EE, and Booster Spice investigate the Lemuel Tundra. They find an old changeling hive containing the presumed-dead King Lunarius and Queen Azira. They are rescued by the Tarkington containing many of their former comrades, who take them back to the capital.
  • Battle of Val Roa - There is a fight between the Jury, the Tarkington, the Goblin battleship, and the Val Roan army in the middle of the capital. Chrysalis is revealed when Fishberry, Sharp Quill and Saikano merge into each other. The Noble Jury fends off the goblin battleship, but is later destroyed by crashing into a mountainside. Roarke kills Haman and proclaims herself the new steward of the Southern Cartel. Chrysalis is defeated and rendered harmless, after which she tells Rainbow of the land beyond the Grand Choke. Ebon and EE have a small wedding ceremony, after which Rainbow Dash says a painful goodbye to the Noble Jury.
  • Grand Choke - Rainbow Dash flies east, alone, across the Grand Choke. She explores canyons and is buffeted by multiple sandstorms. Eventually her wings cease to work and she is forced to walk. Her mental health deteriorates by the day. She reaches the ocean and encounters the ruins of an expedition which originated from ancient Val Roa. She uses materials there to build a raft. She sails the Blighted Sea for days until even the elements cease to work. She is caught in a furious storm.
  • Machine Tower - Rainbow catches a glimpse of Axan above the storm. Her boat is drawn in by a whirlpool, at the center of which is a metal tower emitting red lightning. Rainbow climbs the tower and is met with the likeness of Whitemane, who reiterates her purpose in "foaling yesterday". The tower collapses and Rainbow flies to a nearby island, to be met suddenly with the confused face of Twilight Sparkle.

Book 7: Ynanhluutr Edit

  • KMCA - Rainbow Dash, in denial, continues flying east to Kihutaja Marine Colonial Academy, where she crashes into Nick. She becomes more vehement in her denial of Twilight's existence, until eventually testing it, proving it, and finally opening up to her old friend. With the tower gone, the anti-magical blight that covered the area is gone. They go to Sinrar the cartographer to find other points of interest that may be related to the tower. Nick agrees to take him and Rainbow to the next nearest point on his boat, the Swan Song.
  • Nealend Atoll - The group sails towards the Nealend Atoll. They are accosted by pirates and escape. Near the atoll, the boat is attacked by a huge sea serpent called Ultimo. They meet the native Nealenders as well as several shipwrecked mainlanders, notably Theanim Mane. They explain that the atoll formerly contained a whirlpool which vanished around when Ultimo appeared. Rainbow dives underwater and finds a Shard of Verlaxion covering where Yaerfaerda is located. She resolves to hunt Ultimo to retrieve a piece of the shard he broke off. Upon restoring it, the group is pulled into an underwater machine world, a door marked with Ynanhluutr, and another pedestal. After contacting this, Rarity appears and a giant golden tower arises in the atoll. With Ultimo gone, Theanim agrees to take Rainbow towards the mainland. Sinrar, Nick, and Flare return to Kihutaja.
  • Rust - Theanim takes Rainbow to the artificial island Rust to meet a "friend of his" named Echo. Echo is being hunted by bounty hunters Bard and Wildcard, and Rainbow joins Echo's side in fighting against them. The fight ends in a stalemate, and Rainbow decides on a plan to pay Echo's bounty by robbing Revan, the boss of the corrupt Northern Hoof Cartel. The group manages the heist almost perfectly, and escapes from Rust on the super-fast Arrowfish.
  • Shoggoth - The Arrowfish arrives at Shoggoth and the group quickly descends underwater, following Yaerfaerda. Quickly, Rainbow Dash is apprehended and brought before Queen Camellia, who personally desired to see her. Camellia agrees to let Rainbow Dash into the royal Siren burial chambers if Rainbow will expose the Southern Hoof cartel as she did in the North. Following Camellia's instructions, the group infiltrates the Southern Hoof, obtains diving suits, and travels to the underwater machine world entrance. Inside, Rainbow is confronted with an icy golem who challenges Rainbow's knowledge of the prophecies about herself. Passing the test, Pinkie Pie is freed, and Camellia uses her control over Ultimo to save Rainbow from Jeryn. The Southern Hoof is exposed by Theanim's photographs. Ultimo gives the group a ride east towards the next beacon.
  • The Quade - Yaerfaerda leads Rainbow to the Quade, a desolate landmass populated by the ascetic Luminards. What appears to be a machine tower is covered entirely with a holy plant called the Reed.

Book 8: Utaan Edit

  • Exposition - Most of the continent of Rohbredden hears the infamy of the "Rainbow Rogue". The Right Talon of Verlaxion sends Keris to investigate the threat.
  • Red Barge - Chandler enlists the help of Monket to capture Rainbow Dash. He succeeds, at the cost of most of his crew after they remove her pendant. He takes her to Red Barge to keep her imprisoned until Chandler can collect her. While Rainbow is in prison, she is despondent, having only Fluttershy for company as the other girls refuse to see her. Swab, overcome with curiousity, talks with her secretly. In the meantime, Keris interviews those left at the Quade, follows Rainbow's trail to Red Barge, and is promptly imprisoned as well. To dispose of him, they remove Rainbow's pendant and lock them together in the prison, causing Rainbow to morph into her chaos form. Chandler arrives to pay for Rainbow's ransom, but is double-crossed by both Skagra and Monket, and a huge fight ensues. Swab saves Keris by stealing back Rainbow's pendant from Digiff and returning it to her neck. Rainbow and Keris then join the fight as reluctant allies trying to escape the Barge, which ends in the death of many chief dredgers and order being restored. Keris, injured and with a grudging respect of Rainbow's intentions, turns a blind eye while she escapes on a dingy.
  • The Mainland - Rainbow is picked up from the ocean by Farouche, and allowed passage to the mainland. Rainbow disguises herself as a peasant and starts traveling by foot through the mainland. She meets Sweet and Reeds and shortly afterwards saves them from bandits. They offer to let Rainbow stay with them in Kunmane during a festival, which she agrees to. In the meantime, the Right Talon has picked up on Rainbow's trail and begins following her path from Riverstem.
  • Kunmane - Rainbow is graciously helped by the family of Sweet and Reeds. She has a conversation with "Nana" Pearl, who knows far more about the Austraeoh and Verlaxion than should be expected. The Right Talon catches up with Rainbow and she narrowly escapes into the mountains, where she evades the Talon but is knocked unconscious in a "freak sledding accident".
  • Braum - Rainbow awakens, chained, in a tunnel beneath Braum. Sarda explains she is being sold for ransom. The Talon and Longaze arrive simultaneously and root her out, leading to a fight in a burning inn. Wildcard appears and stealthily carries Rainbow away. WC explains that he is still willing to help her despite Bard's refusal to talk with her. WC instructs Rainbow to head into the mountains towards Wyvern Point and rendevous with Remna on the way.
  • Steamfall / Mountains - Rainbow hijacks a train in Steamfall and rides it at full speed while evading the Talon. She eventually blows up the train inside of a mountain, able to escape only by utilizing a natural cave system. She travels through the mountains, helps a Snow Blood family, and is caught in a blizzard, after which she is saved by Remna. They fight a serpent. Together they climb the cliffs towards Wyvern Point.
  • Meanwhile - Theanim is able to persuade the remaining Luminards to settle at Sun Roost. He then helps Theanim in investigating Chandler, and they observe him making another deal with Skagra. Caught in the act, they bring Chandler to the Council, but are interrupted by a Frost Vessel of Verlaxion appearing and declaring that the Wyverns and Rainbow Dash are a dire threat to herself. She appoints Chandler as the Special Defense Minister.
  • Wyvern Point - Remna brings Rainbow Dash to Mortuana, who explains the history of herself, Verlaxion, the world, the wyverns, and the true Herald of Angels. The "Job Squad" arrives (Ariel, Flynn, Big Show, Kepler) and introduce themselves as the Heraldic Seven. They plan an excursion to Starkiss and the fifth Seed.
  • Starkiss - The group, now pursued by the Central Guard, travels through an ancient battleground and fights off windigoes and the Rohbredden army. They survive by traveling underground towards their destination. Remna reveals herself as a shapeshifted Axan. The group approaches Starkiss, but are thwarted again by Windigoes. Mortuana sacrifices her final magic and her life by fending them off. Inside the mountain, the group is again attacked by the Central Guard as well as Seraphimus herself. Finally they enter the throne of Verlax, which is situated directly on a pedestal in the machine world itself. Verlax dies, Applejack is released, and everyone escapes.
  • Going Rogue - Rainbow has no choice but to play the part of the "Rainbow Rogue" to unify the remaining Tribes against her. She flies to the Council chamber and declares that she killed Verlaxion. Windigoes begin to rampage the continent, causing most citizens of Frostknife to take refuge in the Frosted Shelves. Seraphimus' family is killed when their cryogenic pods lose power. Meanwhile, the Herald flees east towards the Twilight Lands.
  • Twilight Lands - The Herald stops for supplies at a ranch in the Twilight Lands owned by Blue. They attempt to persuade Blue to give up his supplies, but lots of drama happens instead. Bard's backstory is revealed. Windigoes attack and must be fought off once again. Nicole joins the group and they continue hurrying east.
  • The Eastern Sea - The group continues east and finds Flynn's old ship, the Princess Stardust. They sail to the edge of the world and are attacked by the Sarosians of Bleak's Plummet, led by Enix and Xarchellus. Rainbow contacts Luna and she convinces the Sarosians that Rainbow is her messenger. They gain the trust of the Sarosians, and convince them to migrate west to Equestria to be with their Queen. Rainbow is led to the final Yaerfaerda, which turns out to be another machine tower in which she speaks with Ilrifa, and begins to see a golden light leading her on. They find the ruins of an alicorn structure which is the station for a Gondola which travels to the dark side.
  • The Edge - The Central Guard, led by Chandler, prepares for a final campaign to stop Rainbow. They commandeer three ships and corner them at the edge of the world while they are still waiting for the gondola. A battle ensues in which the Herald, assisted by the Sarosians, distracts and repels the army. Bleak's Plummet safely escapes underwater to the west. Seraphimus fights furiously against Enix and Wildcard. Chandler and crew stubbornly charge the Stardust, mortally wounding Bard, whose last act is to detonate the explosives aboard and kill Chandler along with himself. Rainbow convinces Keris to use his authority to call off the attack. The Gondola arrives and Seraphimus is able to dive into it before it leaves, leading to another desperate fight. Rainbow has the opportunity to kill Seraphimus but chooses to knock her out instead. Axan uses secret alicorn blood to regain her dragon form and carry the now-disabled Gondola the final stretch over the precipice to the dark side, for which she suffers death.