"Pilate!" Rainbow Dash gasped, her smiling jaw hanging wide open. She hopped up, ears perked. "Omigosh omigosh omigosh! You're..." She blinked, her eyes contorting. "...a friggin' cyborg."
- Urohringr, "Black, White, Red All Over"

The Ocular Array (sometimes spelled "Oracular Array") is a Naga-crafted technology which grants magically enhanced sight to its wearer. It was given to Pilate by Roarke in Stratopolis to replace his then-broken O.A.S.I.S. system.

A user of the Ocular Array will see the world as a pattern of converging red lines and shapes. It has a 360-degree range of vision, and possibly other abilities such as limited obstacle penetration. In one instance, Pilate is able to use it to distinguish the real Rainbow Dash from a group of changelings. The narrative says that Pilate is able to track every changeling within a 30-foot radius.

Roarke says that "the Ocular Array's primary function is to detect movement along the visual spectrum, but it's been known to heighten other senses"[1]

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