"Deep in its equine heart, it knows," chanted a booming voice from beyond the cosmos. "The heartbeat to this world is a false one. It masquerades as truth beneath the veil of dull flame and rusted metal."
- Odrsjot, "The Cost of Harmony"

Nevlamas "Queen of Magic", is an ancient dragon, one of the Five Divines. Long millenia ago, she attempted to avenge her sister Endrax who fought against the Chaos Lords. Nevlamas survived her battle, but become infused with chaos as a result (in much the same way as Rainbow Dash's curse). Since then, she has became a tool of the Xonans (led by Lasairfion, who is in fact a changeling) and the adversary of Austraeoh. She believes (like Axan once did) that the spark of the world is extinguished and that the future is only bleak chaos.

She was killed by Axan at the height of the battle at Seclorum's Camp.

She is younger than Verlax.[1]

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