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Midnite Bastion is a guardspony of Val Roa, the adopted daughter of Saikano, and the former beloved of Floydien. Because of the potential scandal surrounding the relationship between a duke and a soldier, Floydien would refer to her using the alias "Nancy Jane". By the time Floydien actually appears in the series, he has suffered amnesia about his past and completely forgotten her, instead conflating the name "Nancy Jane" with the skystone ship later to be called the Noble Jury.

Jake describes her personality by saying "The pony's a freakin' firecracker, for sure, but she's still got that crazy sense of entitlement crap in her head—what... with being Saikano's protege and all....Midnite was every bit a selfish, manipulative, dominating freakazoid."[1]

She was taken in by Saikano after her village was raided by the Cartel.

Toward the end of Yaerfaerda she makes up with her father and reunites with Floydien, and the two are last seen leaving Val Roa in a jury-rigged capsule powered by the remains of the Noble Jury's skystone, heading west to explore.

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