"Rainbow Dash. Your conscience is the only true beacon. And it burns like a furnace in such chaotic darkness, more than Yaerfaerda and more than any light that this world has conjured. Trust in yourself."
- Utaan, "The Light you Leave Behind"

Princess Luna is the younger of two alicorn diarchs in the nation of Equestria. During the course of Austraeoh, she is Rainbow Dash's primary contact, able to communicate with her over long distances through the Element of Loyalty. Because of an enchantment placed on the Element, as well as funneling a large amount of her own power into the pendant, Princess Luna is largely responsible for Rainbow's continued life. She is only capable of communication during the full moon once a month, but seems to be able to do so even if only a small sliver of moonlight is exposed to the Element.

Because of the events that took place in Ponyville, Princess Luna inherited all royal responsibilities, including raising the sun and the moon, while Princess Celestia contained the chaos rift. She remains a constant companion for Rainbow Dash during her journey, and provides words of wisdom where she can.