Lavender Light is a visual phenomenon which normally only Rainbow Dash can see. It manifests itself as a faint glow, or a trail leading in the direction she should travel next. Typically it glows much brighter the closer she is to her goal. In all cases, following the light has led to fortuitous results. It seems to share a deep connection with the machine world and the ruby flames , as it always tends to guide Rainbow towards both.

It is possible that Rainbow Dash herself, as the "spark", is in fact the source of this light. This is supported by the fact that ancient machinery is powered by Rainbow's mere presence (an example of this being the Gold Lights of Durandana ). It may also be a manifestion of one or more of the Elements of Harmony.

Rainbow Dash's second "death" causes both the ruby flame, the Element of Loyalty , and the glow of the Pegasus' tome to go out.[1]

The Lavender Light may be the same force as what Axan calls the "Hum of Purpose". [2] It is also very likely to be directly related to the Yaerfaerda (Symbol) imprinted on Rainbow Dash's vision through the late chapters of Urohringr and the entirety of Yaerfaerda that guides her to the next place she needs to go to defeat Chrysalis. Once in the epicenter of the Choke, the light is finally revealed to be directly connected to Twilight Sparkle.

Appearances in the storyEdit

  • Guiding the path through the Machine World back to Windthrow
  • Directing Rainbow down the chasm in Darkstine
  • On the edge of Silvadel
  • A brief flash just before Rainbow's death in Axan's chamber
  • When Belle touched the machine door beneath Blue Shelf. "The solar crest was burning, glowing, pulsating with lavender light.  It rose over the edges of her hoof, filling her soul with warmth and purpose."[3]
  • In the machine level beneath Blue Shelf, guiding Rainbow to the right controls to activate
  • There's probably a lot more
  • The constant glow of the Text of the Prophets
  • Twilight Sparkle attempting to interact with physical objects.
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