"You mean I can't say 'poop?!'" Kera gawked.

"Princesses don't poop, my dear." Arcanista winked. "They 'make waste.'"

"Arrrgh!" Kera rolled her eyes. "I swear! You're worse than Bellesmith! Why'd I even come on this mission?!"

- Yaerfaerda, "'Wagons east' they said. 'And hoofmaidens!'"

Kera Tin Mehjj is a Xonan unicorn foal who used to live on the streets of Blue Nova who first appears in chapter 1 of Innavedr. Her next appearance is in chapter 66, which is appropriately titled About Damn Time.

Kera was adopted by Ledomaritians living in the town of Lerris; her foster parents Radiant Moon and Benevolent Blue were killed by Nightshade's ponies when they came to take Kera for their experiments. Kera was a part of a group of Xonan unicorn foals used for sequencing by Madame Nightshade. She somehow managed to escape the facility before her horn was cut off.

She met Bellesmith and Phoenix when she hid under their robes while they were disguised as Mintian monks and tried to steal Belle's books.

Her parents originally called her "Kiki"


Kera is originally depicted as a small and crafty street orphan. She also has precocious magical talents, which allowed her to unlock magically triggered sewer gates in the city of Blue Shelf and travel safely under the city. The extent of her raw magical talent, however, may yet to be revealed. Immediately after being revived by Elma when the Noble Jury was under attack by Smooze, she stepped forward and fired an enormous magical blast which destroyed the entire observation room window (she afterwards forgot what had even happened). Later, while experiencing a post-traumatic panic attack, she created a massive telekinetic surge which rearranged the engine room. In Durandana, Roarke began formally training Kera's magical abilities. The effects of said training can be seen in the first chapter of Yaerfaerda, "Noble Hope for a Troubled Land", where Kera takes an active part in defeating the Green Bandits by, inter alia, protecting the citizens of Zeezrom with a powerful magic shield.

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