Kenna and Baxter are an anteloupe couple who lived in Blue Shelf. They were neighbors and good friends of Belle and Pilate. They were able to shoot orange orbs of fire from his horns, and were made to work as firestarters in the facility's pyrokinesis wing.

Baxter mentioned a place called Dry Ravine when discussing their possible future relocation; perhaps they lived there before being brought to Blue Shelf.

Baxter was made to work in the General Store when Placid and Felicity were taken from the village by enforcers.

On the day Belle woke up to find Pilate had been taken away, Kenna and Baxter too were told the Council of Ledo is moving them to another facility. Actually, they like most of their neigbors were enslaved underground in the Black Level. Just two days before Belle arrived, they were taken to Department Blue to be killed by Discord.

Kenna and Baxter were named after Fimfiction reader Mckennabaxter.

In Yaefaerda, Belle mentions that one of their hobbies was collecting film reels.