"I'm too old to get any higher in rank and way too fat to woo the ladies over trivial bullcrap. If I'm gonna live out a miserable life, I might as well do it someplace where the ponies I'm working for aren't threatening to heave me off cliffsides. There's an awful lot of that going around these days. It doesn't make for a good retirement plan."
- Innavedr, "A Good Stallion"

Josho is an Enforcer in a "backward trading post" in the Green Slope province of Ledomare. (The province is also called Blue Slope a couple of times.) He is a fat brown unicorn stallion with a grey mane, and a gift for reading ponies like a book- though he often chooses to hide this particular skill behind a mask of drunkenness and idiocity. His talent is long-distance teleportation. He was formerly a soldier in the war with Xona, but now has a drinking problem and hates his job.

When Rainbow Dash, Bellesmith and Pilate arrived to his village, Josho had a confrontation with them, during which Rainbow slammed the orb of O.A.S.I.S. into his horn. This had the unexpected consequence of making him hear some of the trio's conversations after they had left. Because of this, he was taken by Shell onto the Steel Wing to help them find the fugitives. Later, Eagle Eye discovered this mana feedback and broke it.

When Zenith and Phoenix contacted Shell with a sound stone, Josho teleported them and twelve other enforcers to their hiding place.

Josho defied Shell when the latter ordered him to kill Eagle Eye. For this, Shell threw both him and Eagle Eye off the Steel Wing. Josho used his teleportation to save Eagle Eye and himself.

During Innavedr, Josho and Eagle Eye had to escape from the Killas who enslaved them in a mine, then from some fox privateers (being chained together all this time), and then once again from the Steel Wing, where Josho decided to give up his old life as an enforcer to save Eagle Eye instead. Josho and Eagle Eye then headed to Blue Nova to find Pilate, having learned he is there on the Steel Wing, and were caught up in the massive battle there. At the end of Innavedr, Josho joined the Noble Jury crew, heading east to look for a new life.

After the Battle of Val Roa, Josho joins up with Roarke in the Southern Cartel's land to assist her in managing the goblins there.