"Do you think that it is easy?" He gulped. "To give up flight, to give up love, to give up freedom and the color of one's mane... just to become a Gray Feather himself?" His face paled slightly in the starlight, and his breath became ragged. "To commit one's entire life to the scrolls... to forsake all levity and joy for the pursuit of the same scripture that has defined you from foaling 'til death?"
- Urohringr, "Welcome to the Club, Pal"

Jerrio is a pegasus from Durandana. He is a first-born, and will soon become one of the Grey Feathers. As such, he takes his responsibilities a little seriously, to the point that he is described as "a little stiff" by the other pegasi.

He, of all the pegasi, appears most affected by the Noble Jury's visit clashing with their entire belief system. At one point he confronts Rainbow Dash, furious that her talk of Celestia has undermined everything their civilization has believed in forever. However, he eventually learns to accept change and to open his eyes to the world outside. He joins Rainbow and the others on their first trip to Sandstone, and afterwards becomes a successful diplomat to neighboring lands.