"Y'know, it doesn't matter if you're made of flesh or metal, or if you've got fur or tattoos; somewhere deep down inside, you're ugly, and you gotta learn to face it"
- Innavedr, "Rock the Posse"

Imre was a mare of Ledomaritan descent and a personal friend of Roarke's. A skilled medic in the war with Xona, she chose to become a "butcher" in the Ledomaritan facility of Pale Shelf. However, her conscience against some of the work the Council of Ledo was doing led her to flee to the east with the intention to defect to Xona. During this time she was captured/rescued by Roarke and taken to work an infirmary in Searo's Hold. She later joined the group to help rescue Belle and the others. Near the end of Innavedr, it is revealed that she is also the daughter of Prime Enforcer Shell.

Imre committed suicide aboard the Steel Wing after surrendering herself to Shell's custody when it became apparent that her father whom she had loved had lost all touch with the stallion he once was.