“The Herald has existed for longer than most civilizations,” Khao explained. “In the Age of Dawning, when the Ring was whole, the Angelic Host befriended us. We were lowly mortals to their spectral radiance, and yet they imparted their wisdom, their magic, and their foreknowledge of the future events to come--both tragic and glorious.”
- Odrsjot, "Servants to the Harbinger"

The Herald of Angels can refer to several disparate groups of religious pegasi who wander the earth. Their primary purpose is to preserve the writings of the Ancient Pegasi, to look for prophetic signs of the Austraeoh and to guide her along her goal to revive the sundered earth.

Originally numbering in the tens of thousands, they were ostracized for their "fanatical" beliefs and splintered internally by geographical separation and lack of central leadership. This led to the formation of several sub-groups.

Khao's Group Edit

A small cult of ponies calling themselves the "Herald", led by Khao, crossed paths with Rainbow Dash in Grey Smoke. They believed they were the true "Eljunbyro" to guide the Spark to her destination. “I serve the Angels of the Ancient Ages.  Even if I die, my brothers and sisters are already accomplishing the will of the Host.”

Notable members:

  • Khao (Leader)
  • Zaid (Only signed up for the grilled cheese)

Order of the Heraldic Seven Edit

This group was formed by Mortuana approximately 500 years ago. Mortuana saw how members of the Herald were persecuted in Rohbredden, and gathered them together at Wyvern Point. Knowing that a large group will be harder to maintain one purpose, Mortuana decided to choose six "elite warriors" to zealously carry on the mission of the Herald, while the rest of the group integrated themselves into society (It is speculated that they became the Snow Bloods). These six, along with Mortuana herself, became the Heraldic Seven.