“Now hear Floydien: those glimmer drills of the stabby-stabs seek to expose Floydien and boomers. Floydien must not allow that.”

“Why, because you're tasting fear for the first time?!” Ebon balked.

“No...” The voice hesitated, then hoarsely produced, “Because boomers are closest thing Floydien has to friends.”

- Innavedr, "Ebony and Irony"

Floydien is an elk with an eccentric manner of speech. He is a pilot and a traveller on his own skystone ship, the Nancy Jane. His antlers are capable of projecting a massive amount of mana. He travels with an intelligent grey squirrel named Simon.

He has red eyes which become brown once his antlers are removed. He never sleeps, except in cases where he is knocked out.

History Edit

His backstory is initially not well known. It is revealed that he is in fact the long-lost brother of the Duchess Arcanista. He once lived in Bountiful as the Duke of Sehlp, and was involved in a clandestine romance with Midnite Bastion. For political reasons, certain members of the Val Roa high council plotted to stage his death, after which his whereabouts were unknown for many years. Arcanista followed a rumor that he had stolen a large amount of Skystone from the Naga of the south.[1] He then went to frozen north to finish building the Noble Jury, and then flew west. In a significant flashback, it is revealed that Madame Nightshade captured him for experimentation at the Deep Ridge facility[2], with the intent to use him as the pilot for the weaponized Rainbow Dash ship.[3] An unofficial "side-story" of Floydien's experience in the facility was written by user Nevlamas concurrently with the writing of Urohringr, and was roughly corroborated by the flashback which happened in Yaerfaerda ch. 23.

He escaped the facility possessing strange, paranoid mannerisms, detachable antlers, and a desire to reunite with "his beloved" Nancy Jane. When Pilate was thrown off of the Steel Wing at the end of Eljunbyro, Simon "caught" him telekinetically, after which Floydien carried Pilate with him in a wagon because he realized he could use O.A.S.I.S. as a weapon.

Floydien, with Pilate's reluctant help, captured a zeppelin from a Ledomaritan army watchpost and crash landed it in Blue Nova, after which he was introduced to Props, Ebon, Jasper, and the others as they made their way to the secret Nightshade airship hangar where the Noble Jury was stored. He then served as the Noble Jury's pilot throughout several books up until Val Roa.

After the Battle of Val Roa and the destruction of the Noble Jury, Floydien built a new ship out of the salvaged skystone shards and flew west with Midnite Bastion.

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