"She was always a Divine of tomorrow. She thought in the future, dreamt in future. She knew every sentence before she finished it, and could guess the start of a soul's next phrase before it was uttered. Her eyes were always on the big picture. So, while the alicorns were concerned with nurturing the birth of this lonesome plane, she was always focused on its death."
- Ynanhluutr, "Most Divine Moments, Frozen in Time"

Endrax "Queen of Shadow" is an ancient dragon, one of the Five Divines. She is the oldest and wisest of the five.[1]

Nearly thirty millennia ago, Endrax declared that she was going to the Dark Side of the World. According to Verlax, her intention was to guard the Midnight Armory[2]. Nevlamas says that Endrax's mission was to combat the "chaos lords" which were threatening the plane. Several millennia afterwards, Verlax attempted to follow Endrax, but could not find her.

Sturke was last able to contact her "several millennia ago"[3]. Her whereabouts are currently unknown; the only clues are those spoken by Chrysalis:

"At last, after thousands of years of chaos, we will unite the fragments of Endrax and lay claim to the Sarcophagus of Ages."
"[Endrax] was nothing but a relic of the Age before the Sundering...Her vigil was over long before it began. The Three Armies overran her bastion eons ago."[4]

Before killing Nevlamas, Axan says that "Endrax waits for a spark, and Austraeoh carries it." [5]

Vigil at the Midnight Armory Edit

In the opening chapter of Ofolrodi, a massive historical battle is depicted between the Changelings, Sarosians, Night Shard, and a draconian brood. The dragons appear to be the ones in control of the Midnight Armory. However, when a Sarosian attack comes too close, Endrax perches herself on the spire of the armory and impales herself on it. What this accomplishes exactly is pure speculation, but it seemed to have effectively sealed off the Armory from any other invaders.
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