Elma Boreal is a snapping turtle from the city of Abinadi, in Alafreo. She first encounters the Noble Jury when they rescue her and Prowse from a derelict ship in the Frozen Sea.

The Changeling "Elma"Edit

The Elma that actually interacts with the Noble Jury during the course of the book is in fact a changeling whose memory had been replaced with that of the original Elma. She remembers almost nothing about being a changeling, as her brain had been wiped to be replaced with all of Elma's original memories.

Just before the Noble Jury leaves Abinadi, she decides to stay and continue the life that she remembers. To honor the name of the real Elma, she decides to change her name to "Lerris". This reflects the sentiment that Rainbow Dash shares: "For a lot of us, Elma's proof that—even in our darkest hour—good things can be born" (Urohringr, ch. 126).

Near the beginning of Yaefaerda, Luna passes on the message to Rainbow that she is doing well in her new life.

The Real ElmaEdit

Most of what we know of the real Elma Boreal is told secondhand through Boxer, the elder. She was a cartographer and an explorer. She was constantly engaged in a great many projects and endeavors, most of which were to benefit others besides herself. She raised several hatchlings at home and lived to be over a hundred years old. She is presumed to be dead in the captivity of the Changeling swarm.