“It is the light given up by warmth, by sincerity most burning. It is a pony most lost, but its element bonds it to flames that never die.”
- Odrsjot, "Princess Buch Tania Lasairfion"
Element of loyalty

The Element of Loyalty refers to one of the Elements of Harmony, a red jewelled pendant worn at all times by Rainbow Dash throughout the series. Being an embodiment of Harmonic energy, wearing it prevents Rainbow from succumbing to the chaotic energy within her. Its energy appears to be replenished whenever Dash comes into contact with ruby flame.

The pendant has a simple spell which causes it to glow red when Rainbow briefly rubs on it while concentrating.

Before leaving Equestria, Princess Luna enchanted the element with a communication spell which allows the two to speak as long as the pendant was exposed to full moonlight. Naturally, this only makes it useful on the light side of the world.

At one point, Princess Luna uses the element to channel a "GO FASTER" spell to help Rainbow Dash in a pursuit.

In Odrsjot, Rainbow channels harmonic energy through her pendant and the Odrsjot rune to heal Roarke who had been poisoned by a chaos monster.[1]

As of Yaerfaerda, the pendant has gained increased powers including blinding "harmonic blasts", which have been used to brutally murder goblins and such.

Deep in the Grand Choke, it has been losing its magical and illuminating properties as the desert's anti-magic debilitates it. It remains to be seen whether it will continue to protect Rainbow Dash from the chaos inside her.

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