“Right...” Ebon snapped out of it, nodding furiously. “We're in a bit of a pickle, and we have to...” His voice trailed off as his head drifted about. “Relish. I could make relish and garnish for a salad...”
- Innavedr, "A Little Nuts"

Ebon Mane is a member of the Noble Jury, on which he occupies the role of the ship's cook (which obviously implies daily clashes with Josho during periodes of food shortages/rationing). He is first encountered in Nightshade's Blue Nova facilities with his companions, Props and Jasper Clark.

Ebon falls in love with Eagle Eye and is also revealed to be a changeling during the events of Urohringr This was strongly subtly forshadowed through hundreds of previous chapters, most noticeably in his writing letters to "Mother" After Chrysalis's capture, he vows to take care of her and instruct her in the ways of harmony.

He marries Eagle Eye near the end of Yaerfaerda.