"Blessed Spark, one of these days, would it be too much to ask that I wake up with wings?" He sat up, levitating his sword beside his skull. "I promise, I'll mostly use them for accessorizing"
- Urohringr, "A Hop, Skip, and Jump"

Eagle Eye, sometimes called EE for short, is a member of the Blades Guild mercenaries from Franzington.

He is a purple unicorn stallion, relatively small and slender, who bears enough outward resemblance to Twilight Sparkle for Rainbow Dash to remark on it, although his personality seems to be closer to Rarity's with her eye for fabrics and beauty.

Eagle Eye is a competent fighter with sword and shield. His special talent appears to be his sharp vision.

He is close to Crimson, whom he views as something between father-figure and crush, and later becomes close friends with Josho.

Eagle Eye has a light touch with his magic, which makes him good at untangling unicorns' leylines when they become accidentally entangled. He can also use telekinesis with his shield to self-levitate. He eventually develops feeling for Ebon Mane, which are returned in kind. He takes the later's reveal of his changeling nature in stride. Toward the end of Yaerfaerda, the two are married in a low-key ceremony.