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Durandana is a nation/city inhabited by pegasi, located in an enormous crater (the "green basin") between Alafreo and Val Roa.

Geographic Description[]

Durandana, as a "city", is comprised of three enormous wooden spires, laid out in a line from east to west, and referred to individually as "West", "Central", and "East" Durandana. The primary spires are wrapped by intricately designed balconies (in a similar manner to the spire of Emeraldine) and surrounded by many smaller towers, treehouses, and walkways.

Because of the surrounding geography (the Sky Stabs border the crater on the west, and the rest of the rim is bordered by strong winds, cold and "mists"), Durandana is almost totally isolated from all neighboring lands. Durandanans in general do not know anything about what is "beyond the greens". Likewise, outsiders have superstitions about the crater because of the "beaming lights" which emerge from it. As such, the natives have lived on their own for untold generations.

Inhabitants and Culture[]

The culture of Durandana can concisely be described as "avian". The pegasi there are very gregarious and curious, but could also be considered narrowminded in their traditions and their disregard for the outside world. They eat meat, insects, vegetables, and milk. Their vocabulary includes many birdlike words such as "eggshells!" (an expletive), "feather" (verb- to fool around with; also an occasional expletive), "sing" (to speak, or give a report), "gull" (child), and many more. They wear charms and earrings made primarily of bird bones. They are also very open in their relationships- stallions kissing each other without hesitation.

Their society is divided into a type of caste system based on birth order, where "first-borns" get preferential treatment. First-borns will dye their manes bright colors in resemblance of the Valkyrie, and they live their lives in preparation for becoming Grey Feathers.

Their primary labor involves herding and milking leatherbacks. They also seem to be preoccupied with growing and maintaining the greens (when Rainbow first meets Rayvinne, she is "collecting samples" of apples).


They have a very strong religious background centered on the worship of the Valkyrie. They consider it their highest duty to honor the Valkyrie's legacy and to preserve what they call the "gold lights". Due to their generations lived in isolation, anything new to them is considered magic. To their understanding, the Noble Jury is "flying Valkyrie silver", and unicorn magic is also called "gold lights".

Notable inhabitants[]