"Well, at least you're all punctual. Wish I could say that you were silent as the wind, but that'd be insulting the wind."
- Eljunbyro ch. 115

Crimson was a soldier from the country of Franzington, and former romantic interest of Eagle Eye. Former leader of a small group of disillusioned mercenaries, it is presumed he returned to his family in his home country after rescuing Rainbow Dash from the clutches of Searo.

He has a "Freakishly deep voice" according to Pilate. He is burly enough that Josho calls him "Mane McMuscles". He wields a large hammer in battle.

In Foxtaur forest, Enforcer Shell destroyed Crimson's hammer, taking his right forelimb along with it.. Afterwards, it was replaced by a metal mana-powered prosthetic.