"It's not like we're being invaded by fruit-haired pegasi or nothing. Now why don't you go and clean your gun? I know how much you love your gun, boy"
- Austraeoh ch. 148

Cold Canter is an elderly unicorn stallion with a ragged grey mane who's in charge of a guard outpost on the eastern edge of Darkstine. The outpost is "meant to send a magical signal across the latiduninal leylines in the event of an unforeseen incursion", and is located on the western edge of a massive ravine. Unlike most adult Darkstinians, Cold Canter doesn't speak in the stilted Darkstinian speech.

Cold Canter has been living in the outpost, which hardly gets any visitors, for years. He doesn't get along with his wife (who is devoted to the Darkstinian industry) and such hasn't seen his five children for a long time. His second youngest daughter, Iron Wrench (25 years), is about to graduate from the University of South Ring, studying quantum energy translocation. He didn't plan to attend her ceremony, but Dash convinces him otherwise.

When Rainbow Dash arrives to the outpost, Cold Canter is guarding it together with Desert Light, a more recent arrival from Darkstine. Unlike Desert Light, he is kind and friendly towards Dash.

When Dash flies over the desert and into Silvadel, she communicates with Cold Canter via a sound stone he gave her. At this time, Dash begins to call him "CC" or "C-Squared". The sound stone breaks when Dash is attacked by dragons in Silvadel, probably leaving him to believe she was killed.