"All my life, this Confederacy has done things to intimidate and frighten me. At first, I was blind to it. Then I met Rainbow Dash, and I was terrified by it. And now, I have shared her breath, her memories, and her spirit. And you know what? Nothing frightens me anymore."
- Innavedr, "Just In Luck"

Bellesmith (also known as Belle) is a unicorn with a broken horn, a doctor and expert in sequencing technology, and is the beloved of Pilate. As a result of her experiences in the Blue Shelf facility, she relived many of Rainbow Dash's memories and was able to use her knowledge to help Rainbow escape from the facility and begin her journey again.

Bellesmith's involvement with Rainbow Dash is one of the longest-reaching in the story, going from early Eljunbyro all the way to the end of Yaerfaerda. The two share a very strong bond, not only because of the duration of their friendship but also the fact that Belle has inherited many of Rainbow's memories.

She is technically adept; she built Pilate's O.A.S.I.S. sphere herself.

Towards the end of Innavedr, Belle and Pilate decide to become foster parents of Kera, a responsibility which they take very seriously.


Belle has auburn hair, and is golden in color. Her horn was broken off while rescuing ponies from a zeppelin crash near Mountainfall when she was younger, and because of this she was a natural candidate for the Ledomaritan sphere sequencing experiments.

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