"I am finally starting to understand the fact that the torch has been passed. The fate of this plane lies in the hooves of mortals... and I couldn't feel even more nauseated"
- Utaan, "In Wait for a Sign"

Axan, "Queen of Flames", is an ancient dragon, and one of the Five Divines. She is the older sister of Verlax.[1]

In Silvadel Edit

Axan first appeared in the story as the brood queen who had decimated the kingdom of Silvadel. Rainbow Dash used the Death Water bomb to dissolve Axan's hoard, after which Axan killed her, but not before murmuring "Austraeoh" to herself in sudden realization.

Later on Edit

Details after that are scarce, but at some point Axan deposited Rainbow's "corpse" in the remote village of Aridstone, in western Ledomare, and flew off again. Since then, she has been following Rainbow from afar, making the following known appearances:

  • Speaking to an unknown Divine via dragon stone[2] (More than likely Sturke, as Axan indicated that she would be seeking out the other two Divines and Sturke is in the completely opposite direction)
  • Suddenly swooping down to lay the death blow on Nevlamas (mid-Odrsjot)
  • Speaking in a hallucinatory voice when Rainbow nearly fainted over the Frozen Sea (early Urohringr)
  • A shadowy glimpse in the sky above Durandana, also along with a dizzy spell (mid-Urohringr)
  • A very brief glance of red scales after purging Amulek[3]
  • Another glance of red scales after the storm in the ocean beyond the Grand Choke.

Around the time that Rainbow reached Kihutaja, communication with Axan has apparently ceased (this is according to Sturke).

In Rohbredden Edit

During the approximate timeline of Ynanhluutr, Axan confronted Verlax at the Starkiss, but was forced to flee wounded much the same as Mortuana when she attempted the same thing. Axan then made her way towards Wyvern Point to consult with Mortuana. At this time, Remna was in a stasis after an infection threatened to kill her. Together, they decided that a joint sacrifice was the only way for Axan to help Rainbow while remaining hidden from Verlax. Mortuana used one of her vials of magic to transfigure Axan into Remna's form, effectively replacing her with a doppleganger., while Axan's draqon body went into magical limbo. Thus, it was Axan who accompanied Rainbow Dash through the mountains and as part of the Herald. He motivation for doing this was to protect Rainbow[4], possibly motivated by penance for literally killing her earlier. Mortuana states that Axan cannot change her form back without another equally powerful magical spell.

Beyond Edit

Axan/Remna defended Rainbow as part of the Herald until the very edge. There, she happened to find a vial of blood left by Mortuana centuries earlier. When the Gondola stopped at the halfway point between the light and dark side, Remna used that magical vial to regain her dragon form, which she used to carry the Gondola across the final stretch, through the chaotic firmaments to the far side. This act cost her her life, which she was now willing to give to assist Rainbow's mission.
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