Symbol austraeoh

The symbol of Austraeoh

Wake: the silver dusk returning / Up the beach of darkness brims, / And the ship of sunrise burning / Strands upon the eastern rims.
- A. E. Housman

Austraeoh, or the Spark, is the force needed to reassemble the twelve pieces of the world of Urohringr, and is currently represented by Rainbow Dash.


Austraeoh comes from Old Norse austri, meaning east, and Old English eoh, meaning horse. In the series, Austraeoh is also translated as "the Spark".


The symbol representing Austraeoh consists of a horseshoe or upside-down omega and a sun with squiggly rays.


Austraeoh is the force needed to reassemble the twelve pieces of the broken ring, Urohringr, that makes up the world. While Rainbow Dash's original mission was to travel to the Midnight Armory to remake the Elements of Harmony, being the incarnation of Austraeoh has also given her the additional, though arguably more impotrant task of repairing Urohringr.

The Austraeoh symbol appears at the entrances to the machine layer, which can only be opened by the bearer of the Spark.


The concept of Austraeoh appears to be older than the Elements of Harmony and the alicorns, likely from before the ring was broken, and seems closely related to the ancient pegasi. There are prophesies regarding Austraeoh and its purpose, and a cult has formed to aid it, although the cultists themselves appear to not completely understand how they are meant to do so.

Relation to other symbolsEdit

Austraeoh is the Spark that will reassemble the broken Urohringr. To do this, Austraeoh must have its endurance reborn by Eljunbyro, and be carried by the wind of Innavedr. Prophecies also tell of a Relic, which appears to be a book found by Rainbow Dash near the corpse of a pegasus, and which later absorbed a flame from the machine layer. Otherwise, the Relic's significance is not currently known.