Rainbow Dash flies east.

This page refers to the first book of the eponymous Austraeoh series. For other uses, see Austraeoh (symbol).

This is becoming tedious to read; I can't stop.
- Pilate's first comment in the series

Austraeoh is the first story of the series of the same name, chronicling the beginning of Rainbow Dash's journey east. It contains 200 chapters. "Austraeoh" can also refer to a symbol also referred to within the story. The word "Austraeoh" itself is derived from pseudo-Norse vocabulary, and the generally accepted translation is "East horse", or simply "Eastward"



For the first good number of chapters, Dash travels continuously East as the narrator describes the environment in excruciatingly beautiful detail. Notably, she carves the names of five unnamed yet easily guessed ponies into some bark, and throws away her charted map of Equestria.

She soon meets with a few traders and follows them into the first pony civilization she's seen in a good long time.


This township of ponies seems to be beset by fog and monsters. Here, the first instance of Dash communing with Luna through the Element of Loyalty occurs. Here also the first instance of the symbol Austraeoh occurs, as well as the first foray into the Machine Layer. Dash follows the group of traders she first met to a minotaur encampment. She quickly finds out that the minotaurs are the cause of both the fog and monsters, and that they are using the ponies to get supplies without much work. Dash takes away the Chaos strip that the minotaurs are using to create the monsters, frees a large number of prisoners taken from Windthrow by the monsters, and runs through a part of the Machine to safety. In the Machine, she finds a light which she absorbs upon touching, and instantly falls unconscious, but wakes up in time to keep fleeing to Windthrow. The chaos strips are activated, and she throws them into the Machine, and leaves the thing locked, forever to be filled with increasing biomass and ugly screeching things. She is soon celebrated as a hero, but quickly flies away as she finds Gold Petals, one of the traders, with whom she fell in love, has blue eyes.

On the RoadEdit

After abandoning Gold Petals, Dash flies quickly East. She takes refuge in a cave, and is ambushed by a monster. Here, Dash first loses her pendent, transforming into something similar to Discord, and gaining immense physical strength.


This country stretches on for a good while. Dash first arrives in Ridgeside by winning a hoofball match, and quickly becomes popular. The mayor soon arrives to send her off to the capital, Verdestone. At first glance, Dash cannot find it, but then realizes that she mistook it for a mountain. The citizens mistake her for a princess at first, but she quickly disguises herself using a handy clothing store and princess status. She stumbles upon the House of Representatives and is soon escorted by a stallion named Steelteeth to a handy location.


She is an alicorn who visits Dash first in a dream. Dash is forced to recall bits and pieces of the deaths of her friends, but is soon woken up to meet with the real Queen. She soon lapses into exposition about the origin of the world -- How the alicorns came from the Plains of Harmony, not of this world, how the world is a flat plain surrounded by chaos, how the alicorns sacrificed themselves to create the firmaments keeping the light side harmonic, but couldn't help the dark side, and how the Midnight Armory on the dark side of the world contains the Harmonic Prism that can refract any of the elements of harmony to recreate the rest of them. She then grants a boon to Dash, a shield that she can summon at any time. It is mentioned in passing that it will wear off eventually. Dash is encouraged to travel to Darkstine, and she does.


This is a highly developed country with wild scientific thingies and citizens with odd speech patterns. Dash finds that the capital city is divided into two camps: The followers of Duke Zaap Nator, and the followers of the established government. She finds that Zaap Nator is sacrificing children by throwing them into a hole with an obelisk in it in hopes of restoring Darkstine's power source, but is failing spectacularly. She teams up with Steelteeth to undermine Zaap Nator's influence. She finds yet another Austraeoh symbol and light, and touch and absorb them respectively, covering Zaap Nator in dead babies. Once again a hero, Dash leaves to continue her mission.

The DesertEdit

A great desert stretches between Dash and her next stop. She finds a pony burnt in half that crawled across the entire desert out of fear. In his saddlebags was a silver medallion that looks like it was exposed to extreme heat. Before crossing the desert, Dash takes some advice from the stallions who manage a tiny outpost for Darkstine, Cold Canter and his apprentice Desert Light. Cold Canter is interested in knowing what is east of the desert, so he gives Rainbow a sound stone which allows the two to communicate. She makes use of her shield to protect herself from a sandstorm while crossing, and eventually reaches an enormous gate.


Dash continues to speak with Canter through a sound stone. She stumbles upon ruins, and eventually finds dead bodies. Canter yells at her to get out of there as the sound stone is crushed by a dragon. Dash flies out, and stumbles upon Sam Rose and his party of dragon slayers just before she gets killed. She gets taken to Sanctuary, the safe haven for ponies from the dangers of outside. She gets privy to all the details of Sanctuary: The tunnel to the Matriarch's den, the death water with which the Silvadelians plan to kill the Matriarch with, and the pain of losing a loved one to dragons. She makes it to the Matriarch's den, and speaks to her. She tells of all her knowledge about the tunnels, and thinks about killing Dash, but stops as Celestia starts to speak through Dash's Element of Loyalty, addressing her as Axan, Queen of Flame. Dash escapes, but then thinks again about everything that's happened. She takes a green book out of her saddlebag, and opens it, looking at pictures of her and her friends, crying with the weight of the memories. She flies back, takes the death water, challenges Axan, and dissolves her hoard with the water. Axan, now hoardless and therefore at great danger from other dragons, is forced to leave the Silvadelians alone, but decides to have her revenge with Dash, easily crushing her shield, and almost killing her instantly. However, she sees Dash's pendant, and recoils, saying "Austraeoh..." and leaving while Dash murmurs that she doesn't want to be left alone.

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