"They governed more than just the air in the wind. They gave it color, beauty, and purpose. This plane belonged to them, long before it ever belonged to earth ponies and unicorns, long before even the alicorns arrived. The Angelic Host has since vanished, and yet the essence of their glory still remains. The ancient texts speak of their spirits having been absorbed into the very rainbow itself."
- Odrsjot, "The Herald of Angels"

The Ancient Pegasi were a race of ponies who lived long ago in the age before the Sundering. Many ancient texts refer to them as "angels" - these include Pilate's Book of Earth and the Herald's Text of the Prophets. In all known lore, it is affirmed that they were the original masters of Urohringr, almost as old as the Divines, and were given charge over the skies, the earth, and the Machine World. According to the experience Belle had in Nightshade's sequencing chamber, the pegasi were actually the ones who built and maintained the Ring, and their work ushered in a long golden age where hundreds of races and species lived harmoniously on all 12 segments. Thus it is written that "...the blessings of the angels brought life and animation to a dead world."

All mortal equines in the world were descended from ancient pegasi. Earth ponies, unicorns, and sarosians were split into their own subspecies by the alicorns in a process called the "Equine Seeding"[1]


Nevlamas may have been referring to them when she said "She's one of them, Axan.  A phantom of the betrayer'sssss blood!"[2], which implies they were ones to "betray" the world by dividing it.

"I know, right?"  Rainbow squatted by the sword, staring into its golden surfaces.  "Here's what I'm thinking.  The old world—Urohringr—was once whole, a solid ring of sorts.  But then it split up.  And these giant floaty city thingies—the Sentinels—were lost in all the chaos.  But—like—the pegasi found one of the Sentinels and took it over.  Now, based on what Belle has experienced in her past sequencing with the likes of Nightshade and Nightshade's foals, it's a firm guess that these pegasi were also responsible for splitting Urohringr up to begin with.  Now, wouldn't that make sense?  If they wanted to separate the pieces of the ring, then it makes sense that they'd want to—y'know—dominate the newer and smaller piece of real estate.  So they took over Stratopolis with the hope of flying it around and acting like they owned the place.  And, for all we know, maybe they did.  But... like... at some point they bit off a little more than they could chew..."

"And they infested themselves with this infernal, viscous material which you described..."

"I know, right?"  Rainbow nodded.  "Princess Celestia..."  She gulped.  "What if there aren't any of these pegasi left?  What if they ultimately killed themselves off by doing this crap?"



Pilate mentions that the aristocratic Xonan language was borrowed from "a dead language from an arcane religion". Since the Xonans knew at least bastardizations of words like Austraeoh, it is likely that the ancient language of the Pegasi was somehow preserved through long-standing tradition, or the diligence of the Herald of Angels.

Manifestations within the seriesEdit

  • Skeleton with the book in the crystal cavern in Foxtaur
  • Sequencing skeletons in Nightshade tower
  • (indirectly) The Herald
  • Zombified remains in Stratopolis
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